Monday, June 27

39 days without news from the Elche conference center

In any case, thirty-nine days after the announcement, the call for the senator of Elche to deal with a fundamental theme for the city, which can have a before and after in its configuration and in its way of attracting tourism, and more for a town hall that, as the months go by, and after the halfway point of the mandate, he must look more to the 2023 elections than to the present that awaits him, which should be resolved, with the duties done or at least channeled (for that they govern from six years ago) and this one that should have been the “hottie” of these four, because of how well the PP put it on in the face of the PSOE, it is not without criticism for the criticism of the non-compliance with deadlines, the budget or the promises to the president of the Diputación, Carlos Mazón, are, as the days go by, arguments of sufficient weight to think that the Diputación does not want to build it.

Municipal sources, two weeks ago, to questions from the newspaper, justified the delay in the call in the guest’s agenda, the UMH speaker that it must defend it (this newspaper, by the way, has also denied statements or explanations), although the other two main bets that are made in the same document: the expansion of the current Congress Center and the orchard located next to the Pont del Bimil .lenari and the path of the Pantano are not urbanistically viable for the government team, even if they say it with a small mouth and not in public because they are ashamed to signify themselves.

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31 months have passed since promise-announcement of the gift for Elche of a conference center (or whatever) without us knowing not what we want to do with it, but even where we want it. And the ball returned to the roof of the City Hall makes them Almost seven weeks without us having news, check if time has passed, that Mazón has become the PP’s option against Ximo Puig to govern all Valencians. Does this have something to do with it? In any case, as the councilman hinted at that June 2 appearance, he will not meet (when he does) the Social Council to make decisions about it but simply “to reflect.” And so it goes, as if time were something that does not pass.

In these, the rector of the UMH of Elche, Juanjo Ruiz placeholder image, to questions from this newspaper last week said that the University has land for the Congress Palace and that it offered them because, after all, 80% of the congresses that are organized in the city have a scientific base that connects with the academic institution itself and the logic that debating all or almost all of a congress. Bravo! The question might be why the famous UMH report It did not include, as a possibility and from the first minute, these areas, a question that can only be answered by who prepared the report and, obviously, the main person in charge of the academic institution. If the newspaper had not asked the rector about this possible location, it would not even have been put on the table. Does this make sense?

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Obviously if the Generalitat owes us forty and many millions for the university land and does not know what to spend it on (there you have the Post Office project as an example) and it turns out that the UMH itself, whose start-up generated the debt for the land it gave the municipality and is now willing to assume the cost in land and, with this, the Generalitat would also find a way to collaborate with the Provincial Council in paying for the building (as it will do with the congress center in the port of Alicante) , What problem there? I’ll tell you, will.

For example, the City Council is going to have the will to change the General Urban Planning Plan, with all that this entails, in order to make a monumental patch on the slope of Vinalopó to strengthen the provisional market that has been installed as a definitive market for supplies. on the Avenida Comunidad Valenciana and that for the Socialists, being the opposition two terms ago, it seemed sufficient reason to report in Tried to the government of Mercedes Alonso (PP). For that there is a will, but there is no will to try to save the possible locations that the UMH of Elche proposes as a conference center … although none of them is more feasible than to unite it on the campus itself.

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