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4 accessories you should buy before they go up in price

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The rise in the price of metals such as nickel is going to cause some products that use this chemical element to become scarce or its price to rise like wildfire.

The economic consequences of the war in Ukraine have already been felt in many sectors, especially in fuel prices. But nickel is having another effect, which in recent days has skyrocketed out of control.

The reason is that Russia is one of the largest producers of nickel and its derivatives. About 10% globally according to analysts at JPMorgan. But with very strong sanctions from Europe and the US, its price has skyrocketed. And it is that This chemical element is widely used in products such as batteries..

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Nickel is also widely used in kitchen items, hard drives, batteries, tools… Therefore, there are products of all kinds that may suffer price increases in the very near future.

Nickel is such a widely used element that goes so unnoticed that it can cause problems in some products, at a technological level, especially in the production of batteries. It is widely used in the alloy of stainless steel.

Pile of batteries in a hand

From alkaline batteries to hard drives: how the wild rise of nickel will affect your pocket, according to experts

These are some of the products that may increase in price due to lack of nickel. Day-to-day items that you are surely interested in buying now that there are more popular prices.

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Without a doubt, there will be no shortage, but the price increase seems to be guaranteed.


Nickel can cause the price of alkaline batteries and cells to rise. And even though batteries seem to be on the wane these days with the popularity of putting internal rechargeable batteries into everything, battery packs are still big sellers.

The Amazon Basics AA alkaline battery pack remains at a stable price of 7 euros. Even those of well-known brands such as Duracell where the pack of 18 batteries is stable at around 12 euros.

But we will always recommend that you buy rechargeable batteries before buying single-use batteries. They are a better option for the environment and you will save a lot of money.

An 8-pack of 2500mAh AA batteries from Amazon Basics is $15.60 and this 8-pack of 2800mAh AA batteries is less than $19.

nickel ribbons

This may be the most obvious product that can go up in price. Nickel strips are widely used to bond cells together to create batteries.

If you are a person who likes or needs to buy the cells to mount batteries, it is a good time to buy nickel strips at a stable price.

The 10 meter and 8mm thick strips remain at a stable price of 8.99 euros.

car batteries

Car batteries, like all batteries, may also suffer price increases. And since there is never a good time for your car to run out of battery, perhaps this is the time to check its condition and replace it if necessary.

You can find car batteries like this Tudor 70Ah and 640 A for 68 euros. It is one of the best sellers and with very good opinions.

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Kitchen items

One of the products affected by the rise in the price of nickel will be all the products that we use every day in the kitchen and that are made of stainless steel.

As nickel is required to create this alloy and the price of raw materials rises, items such as cooking pots rise. And actually they already have.

Since the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, many stainless steel pots have gone up in price quite a bit.

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