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4 essential foods to lose weight and increase muscle in men over 30

4 essential foods to lose weight and increase muscle in men over 30

Muscle mass is involved in important body functions, including metabolism and fat burning.

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Probably one of the main challenges faced by men over 30 years of age who want to lose weight, is the loss of muscle mass. Not in vain is it one of the most important concepts around physical activity, based on this it is known that performing strength exercises is one of the most fundamental pillars to increase muscle mass. Today we know that food is just as relevant. Finally it is well known that the greater the muscle mass, the more effective the weight loss and fat burning will be.

Muscles need food, which is why muscle mass also contributes to important aspects of health, such as the regulation of glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Muscle mass allows us a good mobility, endurance and strength. It acts as a storehouse of proteins, essential substances for the proper functioning of the body, since they participate in growth, in the maintenance of tissues and act as a natural defense against infections.

It is striking to know that muscle mass actively participates in fat burning. The reason? Muscle is a metabolically active organ consuming calories, primarily from fat. In fact, this is the main aspect that allows greater weight loss, since volume is reduced while toning the body. Both physical activity and diet play a fundamental role in increasing muscle mass. Prioritize your daily diet with the consumption of these 4 foods rich in protein, it will be of great help to channel your hard work in the gym and obtain the best results.

1. Eggs

Is there a more accessible and complete food? Today we know that eggs are a magnificent dietary addition, although it is true that for years they were classified as a bad food for cardiovascular health and its relationship with clogged arteries. Today we know that eggs are an essential superfood in any balanced diet, thanks to their nutritional properties. Eggs shine for their high content of proteins of high biological value, they are low in calories and stand out for their richness in vitamins and minerals, which provide practically all the nutrients that the body needs. Eggs are the perfect dietary addition to building muscle mass, which is largely related to the type of cholesterol that is found in the buds which serves as a scaffold for steroid hormones. Its leucine content also comes into play, an essential amino acid that is pure food for building strong muscles.

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2. Walnuts

Walnuts are a must for any man struggling to gain muscle weight. Best of all, it is a group of foods that are very rich in essential nutrients, they are satisfying and versatile. For more context: 1 ounce of cashews or almonds provides 150-170 high-quality calories. The reason? They represent the perfect combination of protein, fat and fiber, allowing you to get the extra calories without having to gain weight or waist measurements. Best of all, they are the perfect collation to be extremely portable, they are ideal for snacking during the day and healthily increasing energy levels A great supplement to increase sports performance! They are accessible and easy to integrate into the diet, they go perfect with fruit, yogurt, granola, in salads, side dishes and healthy bakery.

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3. Queso cottage

Cheeses are a good alternative to increase muscle mass, for the simple fact of being rich in protein and fat. The cottage cheese is particularly striking, its power to increase and strengthen muscle comes from two components. The first is your high in casein, the slow digesting milk protein, when eating it the levels of amino acids in the blood increase slowly and stay high for longer than if you had ingested whey (the other milk protein). The second aspect of its composition is its content in live cultures, also known as good bacteria, which in principle are a great ally of good intestinal health and the proper functioning of the immune system. They also help break down and absorb all nutrients that the body needs to grow and strengthen muscles. At the same time a good digestion and intestinal health, is key in weight loss. As a recommendation, put by the variants with high fat content.

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4. Lean beef

In recent years, meat has been subject to much criticism and the main reason has been the current health recommendation that invites us to follow a plant-based diet. However, this does not mean that the meat is bad, it is simply time to consume higher quality meat and less frequently. The undeniable thing is that dFor decades, beef has stayed at the top of the list of the best foods for building muscle. And the reason is good, beef contains a protein combination for good muscle development: essential amino acids, B vitamins and creatine. It also contains a blend of saturated fats, which can maintain healthy testosterone levels, and monounsaturated fats, which protect and support heart health. As an additional benefit, according to information released by the University of Melbourne, people who eat more red meat have lower levels of anxiety and stress. Go for the lean and grass-fed variants.

Red meat
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