Tuesday, December 7

4 mind-blowing facts about our genes that you might not know

  • BBC Radio 4
  • Serie “Ingenious”

Girl looking at a DNA helix made of balloons

Image source, Getty Images

Genes are biological recipes that tell our cells how to make the things that our bodies build, send signals that travel through our brains, and do all the other complicated biochemical things that keep us alive.

And behind each of your 20,000 genes are fascinating stories, with more and more being added as genetics remain at the forefront of innovation.

To BBC Radio 4’s “Ingenious” series , Dr. Kat Arney, a specialist in mammalian biomedical sciences, genetics and development, explored the science behind different genes to discover how they help us become who we are, cause or cure disease, and connect us with the rest of life on Earth.

These are 4 of the fascinating things we learned.


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