Tuesday, September 27

40 degrees point to the end of the week


Weather in Extremadura

Temperatures will increase in the coming days, reaching 43 degrees in Badajoz and 41 in Cáceres.

The first days of the week will begin with some instability in the skies of Extremadura. The reason will be a thermal contrast between a pocket of cold air in the middle layers of the troposphere and the warm air on the surface. However, a warm stability will begin to reign due to the Atlantic Anticyclone that will extend its high pressures even through the Bay of Biscay.

From Monday to Wednesday they will not exceed 37 degrees in Badajoz and 35 in Cáceres, with a minimum of 19 degrees and 20 degrees respectively.

Therefore, with this situation, clear skies will prevail at the beginning of the week. However, despite the fact that it is unlikely, some of these minority clouds can cause storms in the mountains of northern Extremadura, although with little rainfall.

As of Wednesday, temperatures will begin to rise by an average of four to six degrees, reaching 40 in Badajoz on Thursday and 37 in Cáceres. The next day they rose two more degrees in these cities, reaching 42 degrees in the province of Badajoz and 39 in Cáceres.

Night temperatures will have the same behavior as daytime temperatures, but with minor variations.


The weekend will exceed 40 degrees throughout the autonomous community, with Saturday being the day that the maximum of the whole week is reached in Badajoz with 43 and in Cáceres with 41.

However, on Sunday they will drop to about four degrees in both provinces, thus reaching about 39 and 37 degrees in their respective provinces.

The temperature in different cities of Extremadura will also increase throughout the week. For example, Plasencia will go from 38 degrees on Wednesday to a maximum of 42º.

The capital of Extremadura, Mérida, will stand out throughout the Autonomous Community for exceeding temperatures compared to other cities every day. However, the rest will end up reaching 42 degrees on Saturday in the capital.

At the national level

Today, Monday, cloudy skies with showers and storms are expected in the north of Galicia, despite the fact that the rest of the Peninsula does not share this situation. In the Canary Islands, cloudy intervals will appear in the north of the islands and there is the possibility of some weak precipitation in those with greater relief.

The next two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, strong storms will continue in the northern half and the eastern third of the peninsula. In the other half, high temperatures will prevail.

On Thursday the 7th the situation will begin to stabilize. Cloudy skies and possible showers will be present in Catalonia, in the eastern Cantabrian, the north of the Canary Islands and in the Balearic Islands. In the rest of the Peninsula, clear skies and dry weather will predominate.

The weekend points to cloudy skies that will vary until stabilizing in the Cantabrian area, in the Eastern Central system of the South plateau and the southeast Andalusian mountains. The rest of the Peninsula will remain with clear skies and dry weather.


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