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40% more robberies in the New York Subway, although other crimes are down this year

More police presence in the NYC Subway.

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

Robberies in the New York Subway have risen 40% so far this year compared to the same period in 2020, although in general crime has decreased in the subway, according to the latest data from NYPD.

Traffic in public transport has been increasing, after a record low during the confinement, which included the closure of the Metro during the early mornings for a year since May 2020, to deep cleaning and homeless eviction.

Last month, more than 1,100 NYPD officers were deployed to the subway, after months of requests from the MTA and amidst a increase in “random” attacks on passengers on platforms and wagons.

“The recent decline in traffic crimes began in June, following the addition of more than 1,100 NYPD officers to the Metro system,” an unidentified MTA spokesperson commented. Pix11. “The trend is good news for our passengers and reflects the MTA’s (global) approach to improving safety in the transit system, with additional security personnel, cameras and a greater number of users ”.

But thefts have also increased in the summer. In one of the latest most serious incidents, immigrant Than Htwe (58) rolled down the stairs at a station in Chinatown on Saturday during a robbery attempt and ever since She is still hospitalized, without waking up.

The Mayor Bill de Blasio He has repeatedly stated this year that his government has sent more police to the Metro, but the results have not always been seen. In a particular violent trend, in many cases women have been the aggressors and / or victims.

In 2021 there have been several homicides and natural deaths in the New York subway, in addition to various incidents, some more serious than others. The violence led Governor Andrew Cuomo to claim in May that the subway was not safe for children.

Months earlier, in January, the interim president of transit, Sarah Feinberg, denounced in a letter sent to the mayor that NYC’s violence and “mental health crisis” were wreaking havoc on the transportation system.

In June, a poll estimated a 60% return to offices for September in NYC, parallel to the start of the new school year. But at the same time, those consulted indicated that insecurity, especially in public transport, generated more fear than the coronavirus when considering returning to the pre-pandemic routine.

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