Thursday, December 8

40 technology news to start your morning informed of the latest

We return like every morning with the latest news from the previous day, with a compilation of everything that happened yesterday, May 11.

Today we have been able to learn about the Pixel 6a by Google, which has also advanced the future for us Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, along with the Pixel Watch, Pixel Buds Pro and Pixel Tablet.

FIFA and EA Sports rbreak up relationships, and will go on to have different games for the foreseeable future.

Manzana officially do away with ipodsone of the first and most legendary products of the company.

technological news

Google Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro: this is the company’s first watch that comes along with headphones with spatial audio. read the news

The data of 21 million users have been leaked for using these free VPNs. read the news

Apple stops making them and that old iPod you have at home could be worth a fortune. read the news

WhatsApp puts on filters and everyone is sure to appreciate it. read the news

Microsoft will update specific versions of Windows 10 whether you like it or not. read the news

WiFi 6, everything you need to know and the best compatible routers you can buy. read the news

Create the first USB-C compatible AirPods charging case. read the news

Long live the iPod, thanks for making us dance for two decades. read the news

Google expands the proposal of channels in Spanish included in YouTube TV. read the news

You can now install the beta of Nothing Launcher if your device has Android 11 or higher. read the news

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Google Pixel 7, Pixel Tablet and all the software news from this year’s Google I/O. read the news

Google Pixel 6a: this is the younger brother of the Pixel 6 Pro that maintains the same processor. read the news

90 Hz screen and Snapdragon 680 at a very low price: the Honor X8 drops to only 229 euros. read the news

HONOR X8: this is the mobile that dynamites the mid-range concept. read the news

These are the cameras and specifications of the vivo S15 and S15 Pro. Read the news

Sony Xperia 1 IV and Xperia 10 IV, this is the new generation of Sony mobiles of 2022. read the news

Honor 70, 70 Pro and 70 Pro+, this is the complete commitment to the top range of the company spun off from Huawei. read the news

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is fully filtered thanks to high-resolution images. read the news

The iPhone 14 could be the last iPhone with Lightning. read the news

The new Samsung Galaxy M53 5G is only one month old and already has a €120 discount on Amazon. read the news


Lenovo Legion 7 and Slim 7, new laptops perfect for any gamer. read the news


Cinema comes to the car with the Theater Screen of the new BMW 7 Series. Read the news


Seven weeks of unparalleled battery life and power: this Roborock robot vacuum cleaner has a €150 discount. read the news

How to use Pinterest and get the most out of it in 2022. Read the news

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What does NATO mean and what is its origin. read the news

Nightwatch and Maxdome: the doomsday planes that would rule the world in the event of nuclear war. read the news

Smart watches with NFC chip to pay in stores that you can buy now. read the news

This is the most powerful X-ray laser in the world and uses temperatures cooler than deep space. read the news

From building planes and cars to threat sensors for war: that’s the Saab Sirius Compact. read the news

What is WhatsApp’s “Linked devices” option for? read the news

Homemade substitutes for dishwasher detergent in a pinch. read the news


Can you be fined for saving a parking space on public roads? read the news

Fraud attempts are multiplying on LinkedIn and so you can protect yourself. read the news

Don’t believe everything you get on WhatsApp: Bizum will continue to be free (at least for now). read the news

The latest from Lidl is a machine so you can make your own cheese at home. read the news

From movie! An inexperienced passenger manages to land the plane after the pilot’s indisposition. read the news

entertainment and gaming

The curiosities of the 20 best posters in the history of cinema. read the news

Razer announces the Viper V2 Pro: the world’s lightest gaming mouse. read the news

A series from the creators of The Ministry of Time will tell the story of a legendary video game developer in Spain. read the news

FIFA is working on its own soccer video game to compete against EA Sport FC in 2024. read the news

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This has been the May 9 tech news roundup. We hope you have a good day!

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