Wednesday, October 20

46 civil guards of the Vuelta Ciclista a España, infected by covid-19

A Civil Traffic Guard at a stage of the Vuelta.

A Civil Traffic Guard at a stage of the Vuelta.

Several civil guards associations have questioned the protocol to prevent the spread of covid-19 after the positive of 46 agents in the Cycling Tour of Spain, which they understand requires improvements in prevention measures or changes in working hours, reports Europa Press.

The associations have reacted in this way to the positive of the Traffic and GRS agents after the tests carried out on Sunday, at the end of the Vuelta a España. According to sources from the Civil Guard, the infected agents are asymptomatic and isolated, following the health protocols by which ‘bubble groups’ of a maximum of four agents were designed, who have been tested periodically.

The Unified Association of Civil Guards (AUGC) has assured that “once again” the protocols to avoid contagion by covid-19 in operational services fail again. “The agents suffer again and suffer from the deficient management of resources and necessary protocols”, they have pointed out. The majority association of civil guards has recalled that since March it has denounced the “serious shortcomings” with which the agents are working. “It is unfortunate to see how the recommendations are ignored,” commented the organization. Specifically, it has denounced that it continues without established shifts and rotating staff of the units, without carrying out the recommendations to form fixed work groups or staggering the start and end times of the service, or without extending the hours in ten or twelve hours in order to have more breaks and thus achieve a lower risk of contagion.

The Spanish Association of Civil Guards (AEGC) He has also denounced in a statement that the positives in the Vuelta show the failure of the so-called “bubble group”. He questions that Occupational Risk Prevention “encourages camaraderie and that all agents of the unit get together” or that “all antigen test units” are not provided.

“For AEGC, sending the entire operation back to their units and their homes has been a total negligence that has put the health of third parties at serious risk,” defends this association, which also requires that tests be carried out on relatives who have been in contact with them and all those colleagues with whom they may have had contact.

JUCIL, the Civil Guard association that emerged from the Jusapol platform and the ‘sister’ of JUPOL – the majority union in the National Police – has been the first to denounce these events with an appeal addressed to the Ministry of the Interior to reinforce the protocols against covid-19. “This past Monday,” JUCIL explained in a statement, “the 150 agents who covered the operation of the Cycling Tour of Spain have returned to their homes without knowing the result of the Covid-19 tests and a group of them have given positive ”

JUCIL has denounced that last Sunday afternoon “all the personnel of the Traffic subsectors” that covered the Cycling Tour underwent the PCR test, that night they spent the night in Madrid and, without knowing the results, they traveled to their cities of origin, “thus breaching the guidelines outlined by the health authority.”

The Secretary General of JUCIL, Ernesto Vilarino, has asked that this “error” not be repeated. “We are aware that these situations can occur in the face of a pandemic as serious as the one we are experiencing, but the commands and the leadership of the Civil Guard must be, now with more determination, diligent and define more effective prevention protocols, despite following agents framed as groups with a low probability of exposure to the virus “, has indicated

JUCIL has assured that they will be “very aware” of the evolution and state of health of the agents who have now been forced to keep the quarantine stipulated by health precautions, “taking into account the disorders that these circumstances entail in their family environment” . “We hope that the affected colleagues have adequate health coverage and that they can return to their posts soon,” he added. From JUCIL, the Ministry of the Interior has been asked to implement the protocols that make it possible to disinfect the vehicles, motorcycles and work tools that have been used by the officers stationed in the Cycling Tour of Spain. He also wants preventive shifts to be established among the troops, organizing services.

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