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4M Campaign: Minister Reyes Maroto receives a letter with an apparently bloody knife | Elections in Madrid 4M

The Ministry of Industry has received a letter addressed to its owner, Reyes Maroto, with an apparently bloody knife, as confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior this Monday. The envelope had a return address and the knife arrived camouflaged between two CDs, according to police sources. The department adds that “an investigation has been opened in this regard.” The head of Industry, Commerce and Tourism was proposed by the socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, for the vice-presidency of the Community of Madrid in case of winning the May 4 elections. It would be the fourth death threat against political leaders since last week, after the letters sent to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, and the former second vice president of the Government and candidate from Unidos Podemos (UP) to the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias. Interior sources and United Podemos had confirmed an hour before that the Government had decided to reinforce the security of the three after receiving messages accompanied by ammunition in recent days.

The first indications suggest that the threats could come from different authors. The padded envelope addressed to Reyes Maroto was sent from the El Escorial post office last Wednesday, April 21, and its postage cost 2.50 euros. The name of the addressee is handwritten, while the letter Iglesias received was dropped in a mailbox and both the addressee and the text of the threat were written with a rule of letters, reports Óscar López-Fonseca.

“Threats and violence will never silence the voice of democracy. Freedom will prevail. Thank you very much for all the shows of support in a day that reinforces my will to work for a better future ”, said the minister through a message on Twitter.

“From here: you are not going to pass, to fascism, you are not going to pass, it is over,” said the deputy secretary general of the PSOE and spokesperson for the formation in Congress, Adriana Lastra, immediately after hearing the news. Reyes is not alone. We are with her. We also feel threatened in our hearts, in our convictions, in our values, in our lives ”, said Gabilondo, who was accompanied by Lastra during a ceremony at the training headquarters. “They want to intimidate us,” added the candidate.

The envelope and the apparently bloody knife that Minister Reyes Maroto has received.
The envelope and the apparently bloody knife that Minister Reyes Maroto has received.

Iglesias has also expressed on social networks his support for the head of Industry: “All our solidarity with Reyes Maroto. It is already well of fascist threats ”. Similarly, the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has expressed her “strongest condemnation” for what happened. “I hope the author of this outrage is found and responds to Justice. This cannot continue like this, we call for good sense to stop this drift ”, he added in his message on Twitter. The More Madrid candidate, Mónica García, for her part, has expressed solidarity with the minister. “How many more threats does it take for Ayuso to stop endorsing the hate policy of the extreme right?” Garcia asked. The president of the Community of Madrid has condemned “these last unspeakable acts” and pointed out that “threats to public representatives make no sense in a country in freedom.”

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On the other hand, the Ministry of the Interior, “taking into account the letters with threatening content” sent last week to Marlaska, Iglesias and Gámez, has established that “protection measures are adopted that, in response to the risk assessment by consider the current threat to be precise and necessary to guarantee their safety ”, as stated in the notification sent by the Secretary of State for Security to which EL PAÍS has had access.

Interior adds that it is the “usual procedure when a threat of these characteristics is detected”, and police sources confirm that it has been decided “to reinforce the escort measures”, although without giving further details. During an interview this Monday, Grande-Marlaska has specified that “it is not that the security has been reinforced” of the recipients of the threats, but that it is “being reassessed”, after what happened. According to the Interior Minister, “that is the necessary and precise protocol.”

The letters were made public last Thursday. “You have ten days to resign. The time to laugh at us is over. National Police. Civil Guard. Time is against you for the pops ”, read the anonymous message with postmarks of April 19 addressed to Grande-Marlaska, accompanied by two 7.62×51-millimeter cartridges, according to the complaint filed with the General Directorate of the Police National by the minister. In similar terms, and by handwriting, Gámez received another threatening letter a day before the head of the Interior, on Wednesday April 21, the date on which he filed the complaint with the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard. The letter addressed to Iglesias extended the threat to members of his family: “Pablo Iglesias Turrión, you have let our parents and grandparents die. Your wife, your parents and you are sentenced to capital punishment. Your time is running out ”, read the message, which was accompanied by four Cetme rifle bullets.

The secretary general of Podemos, who left the vice presidency of the Government to attend the elections on May 4 in the Community of Madrid, presented the corresponding complaint on Friday at the police station of the Congress of Deputies, just a few hours after having got up. of a debate organized by Cadena SER in which Rocío Monasterio, the Vox candidate, refused to retract statements in which she questioned the veracity of these threats. In the text, Iglesias understands that the events “constitute a serious threat” against his life and that of his family, “since it is a threat that includes war material, which in appearance is real and belongs to a firearm of great caliber ”, for which, he affirms,“ fears ”for his safety and that of his environment.

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