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4M Elections: Rude | Opinion

Covers of the novel 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov.
Covers of the novel ‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov.

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The Spanish left says that Madrid is not Spain: Madrid is the island of gallinejas, the fusion afterwork nothing unusual about dandruff and neoliberalism. The left, with a pragmatic sense and sensitivity, insists on detecting and solving people’s real problems. However, the right wing votes for their candidate / candidate, even if they elect Donald Duck to fill that role, and Donald Duck is not a great manager or resource duck. But the duck is ideologically a bomb. This detail should not be forgotten. Education is the area in which this issue is best reflected.

I taught at a private university. After presenting a meager bibliography, a student stood up: “Sir, I only read when I shit.” I activated those cocky reflexes that they like so much: “You this year diarrhea.” I prepared for my student a list of complementary readings among which was Lolita. Nabokov’s novel is as abject as it is excellent, and in literature these two adjectives are not incompatible. I did not allow that student to do whatever he wanted, condemning him to constipation for life. That student, upon learning of my clavicular problems, showed me his love: “Give up Lorazepam, ayahuasca is more natural.” I doubted my teaching skills —or not—, I thanked him, but I passed. Call me narrow, because that’s where I wanted to go: the right has managed to confuse authority with authoritarianism by transforming the left into Miss Rottenmeier while she dresses as Heidi or who cares what I do. They do not remember that their religious references still get into our beds to tell us with whom and where we should introduce things. Her slogan of doing whatever I want —if I can afford it, predatoryly, as the successful president maintains— makes it difficult to explain to a child emperor that he should not hit his mother because he has not bought him some sneakers that they represent his freedom, that is, his entire life. How do you tell the students what to be respirator It is a very free option as well as a lofty bullshit. What is truly authoritarian is the principle of the select few with which Vox wants to reduce the number of representatives in the Madrid Assembly —to save—; shortly they will propose that the political class not charge, so that only businessmen to whom they pay homage on Labor Day and great hereditary landowners can act as heroes of the country from that pathological awareness that we are equal, but no – the emeritus is better -. Neither does the advertising ideology of the telecommunications companies that present families whose members isolate themselves in cubicles connected to an ephemeral exterior, or go up to the roof to converse with the spirit of a dead father: among themselves they speak little unless the girl give up your telematics classes — mind-blowing — to help get dad out of a video game. Video game, panacea for intergenerational communication in a society screened and condemned to chronic disease. To the resolution of the material deficiencies of public classrooms in which a bilingualism from Chichinabo is the best way of not knowing anything about history or science, we must add stimuli that help us to look at reality from another point of view. Is not easy. Almost everything is against it.

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