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5 cheap aroma diffusers and essential oils that have free shipping

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Not a single bad smell anymore: choose how you want your home to smell with these scent and oil diffusers on sale.

There is no scientific basis for aromatherapy, but without a doubt there are some scents that help us relax or change that mood with which you arrive after work.

This is why aroma diffusers are so practical and surprisingly popular. Not only do they add humidity to the environment, something that humans need more than we think, essential oils give a very pleasant touch of smell.

It doesn’t matter if you like citrus, wood or more traditional scents, these diffusers will help you (or at least try) to change the atmosphere of your home.

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You just need one of these little machines, a little water and some essential oil. In addition, some designs are practical to be seen, others not so much, more intended to be almost hidden.

You can get them on Amazon with free shipping. If you also want fast shipping, we recommend you sign up for Prime. It has a free trial of 30 days without obligation, up to 3 months if you are a student, and there is no permanence.

  1. Cecotec Pure Aroma 150 Yang
  2. Amber Perfumes
  3. BEPER
  4. hianjoo
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Cecotec Pure Aroma 150 Yang

Cecotec Pure Aroma 150 Yang

Cecotec Pure Aroma 150 Yang is a humidifier that uses essential oils with a well-recognized design.

This wood-colored model has a 150ml tank, a timer from 1 to 3 hours, 7 LED colors that illuminate the interior so that the steam can be seen, and it is also very quiet.

You can buy it at Amazon for 20.90 euros or at the Cecotec online store, where it is also 20.90 euros in black.

Amber Perfumes

Amber Perfumes

East aroma diffuser Ambar Perfums It is a perfect option for those who want to change the smell of their home with a very quiet product that you can have anywhere.

It can run non-stop for 8 hours, has a 150ml reservoir, and also has a blue ambient light that you can turn on or off as you like.

It is available on Amazon for 16 euros.



The BEPER diffuser is a perfect option for babies or children’s rooms due to its curious design. It has a timer of 30, 60 and 90 minutes, 7 LED colors that you choose from the front buttons and a small 145 ml water tank.

It is a cheap product and perfect for small rooms. You can buy it for 14.90 euros.



hianjoo It is a perfect essential oil humidifier and dispenser to have it in a place where it looks good since it can be used as a lamp.

It has a 450ml tank for water and a few drops of essential oils. It has 7 different colors that you can choose directly from its remote control. So you can always have it ready and not have to get up to turn it on.

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You can get it for 22.99 euros with a black base, but you have other options with bases in other colors.



The HITSZS humidifier and diffuser has a curious design, it is powered by a simple USB cable and it also has 7 different colors to illuminate a room.

It is widely used as an ambient light at night and to add humidity to a room. It is available on Amazon for 12.59 euros.

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