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5 dog breeds that you should not have due to their health problems, according to a veterinarian

When we choose a pet… do we really take into account the quality of life it will have? Is it fair to ignore certain breeds of dogs?

in the world there are over 300 dog breeds, and most of them have been created artificially by human beings, through certain types of crossbreeding. And some have associated certain health problems. A veterinary reveals the five races that you would never welcome in your home, for the health problems that they are prone to.

It is a controversial list, because there are very popular breeds. But some have congenital health problems. So if you adopt a dog of these five breedscan suffer certain health problems that can be an annoyance and an anguish for you, in addition to a high bill in treatments and visits to the veterinarian.

And that poses a dilemma: is it fair to the animals that we turn them away just because they might have health problems and cause us additional distress or expense?

5 dog breeds that vets do not recommend

The vet in question is named Ben Simpson-Vernon, and he works as a surgeon at a veterinary clinic in Chigwell, England. His list is based on his experience caring for and operating on these animals.

For him the best dogs to have at home are those that have mixed breeds without pedigrees, because that mixture of genes makes them stronger and more resistant to diseases and other problems.

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The first of them is him chow chow. He assures that “they don’t have a very nice temperament, they can be really aloof and are often very aggressive at the vet“. From a medical point of view, they usually suffer eye problems.

Second on the list is the cavalier king charles spaniel. Ben Simpson-Vernon says that they are adorable, but that it is quite common for them to suffer from a heart disease called mitral valve disease. If they do, they have a lot of trouble breathing when they’re old.

The dachshund, tekel either hot dog it is “charming“, but 25% suffer from back problems, from simple pain, to paralysis. It is common for them to require spinal surgery.

The shar-pei It is that breed of dog that has skin full of folds, as if it were two sizes larger. But according to this vet they are delicate animals who have even given a name to their own disease, Shar Pei fever.

The hanging folds cause them to suffer skin problems, and vets often have to hold down their eyelids so the hairs don’t damage their eyes. Also, they have a bad habit of bite people in the faceif they get angry

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Finally, the breed least recommended by this veterinarian is one of the most loved, in fact there are several: the brachycephalic dogswhich have the classic “crushed” face: Pugs, French Bulldogs, Bulldogsetc.

Ben Simpson-Vernon assures that they tend to have many health problems: spinal pain, skin problems and eye problems. Furthermore, more than half of these dogs need caesarean sections to give birthas the pup’s head and shoulders are too large for the mother to give birth any other way.

This veterinarian makes it clear that if you have or want a dog of these five breeds, they can have a completely healthy and happy life. But they are animals more likely to suffer from the aforementioned health problemsdue to the genetic conditioning of their race.

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