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5 effective ways to remove snot from your child

5 effective ways to remove snot from your child

5 effective ways to remove snot from your child

The snot They accompany us in the autumn and winter seasons, and it is the months of November, December and January when respiratory viruses are most present and cause flu or colds. In children and babies it is very common for them to pass from one constipation to another, because their immune system you are being exposed to these pathogens and bacteria for the first time.

Mucus for young children can be a big problem for their breathing and congestion can increase their discomfort beyond other symptoms such as cough or fever associated with colds.

How to relieve children’s snot?

These techniques will not eliminate colds or snot, but they can momentarily relieve symptoms in children:

Nasal washes

This technique can be used in babies to draw mucus into the stomach and allow them to breathe through their nose, as they do not know how to do it through their mouth. These nasal washes consist of the introduction through the nostrils of a spray or a single dose of physiological serum preparation (there are specific ones for infants) to remove both the outer and inner mucus that clogs the nostrils. The baby will move a lot, so it is preferable to introduce the serum lying down, and then sit him down to swallow it.

Water steam

The water vapor after getting out of the shower allows the nostrils of our babies and children to dilate. We can also imitate water vapor by heating water and covering it with a cloth.

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You can also use a humidifier before sleeping for 10 or 20 minutes to increase the humidity in the environment so that the mucus is liquid and you can sleep better.

Correct posture when sleeping

Nasal congestion can be worse at night and children can be very uncomfortable with having their nose completely blocked and not being able to breathe through their nose. In order to relieve congestion and not feel the plug, children and adults should sleep as upright as possible, with their heads raised. We can use cushions and pillows for them.

I drink a lot of water

It must be remembered that babies up to six years of age should not ingest liquids other than breast milk or formula. From six months it is possible to be introducing liquids, but not many. Therefore, it is better that the intake of a lot of water so that the mucus is not thick but liquid is done until after the first years of life of the minor.

How often should we remove the mucus?

Snot serves as a protective barrier for children, so it is not advisable to remove all the snot from children, only the necessary so that they can breathe calmly. Nasal wash techniques should only be used when we see that children have discomfort when breathing. The rest of the techniques are not harmful, and can be used to make the mucus more liquid and easier to remove.

Are Nasal Aspirators Good For Children?

Nasal aspirators like rubber knobs suck mucus out of your nostrils. For older children it can be a good solution to be able to remove the mucosa, but according to the Valencian Pediatric Society, for babies the use of nasal aspirators is not recommended, since it can generate great discomfort due to the force of the suction.

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