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5 essential apps to travel this summer

5 essential apps to travel this summer

5 essential apps to travel this summer

If this summer you plan to do a travel by car you can help you from a myriad of mobile apps to enjoy your holidays with the maximum safety and comfort. So so that you can make the most of your days off, making them more pleasant and fun, then we will tell you what are the five applications that can not be missing on your mobile device this summer.


Via Citymapper you will be able to move around your vacation destination in a simple and efficient way, since this app offers updated information on all means of urban transport of the area you choose, especially public transport. It also offers the possibility of planning different routes on foot, by bicycle, on a scooter or in shared transport systems. It should be noted that Citymapper is a totally free application for use on mobile devices or computers.

Going Abroad

Going Abroad is an application developed by the European Comission which is essential to travel by car in Europe with maximum safety, since meets the main traffic regulations of all European countries (speed limits, traffic lights and the obligation to wear a seat belt, among others). The main objective of this app is to prevent you from receiving financial sanctions outside of your country.


Thanks to this mobile application you will be able to know the weather information before and during the journey you make, as long as the weather does not spoil your vacation. Accuweather Accuweatheroffers live weather information as well as short and long-term predictions of the area that interests you the most. It also includes various functions such as analysis per minute of the rain forecast or the level of allergies. It is a very complete application to know what weather you can face in your vacation destination.


TreatwellTreatwell is a mobile application that allows find and book appointments in hairdressers, beauty centers and spas in a very simple way during your vacation period. This application is available, at the moment, in some areas of Spain such as Madrid O Barcelona, although each time it has more centers and clinics included in its service offer.


Thanks to this app you can travel by car or van throughout Europe in the most economical way, since it offers car rentals for just one euro for certain routes. Rent a vehicle in DriiveMe DriiveMeIt is very easy, you just have to register on the platform via the Internet or via the app and select from the available options the vehicle that interests you the most and the date and time of collection. Once you have booked the route, for the symbolic price of one euro, the only thing you will have to pay is fuel and tolls. In addition, if none of the routes offered is of interest to you, you have the option of creating your own personalized alert, so that you will receive a notification when the route is available in the application.

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