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5 home remedies from model Kate Moss to show off a perfect complexion

The model Kate Moss has revealed what she wears to make her complexion look perfect and they are not beauty products very expensive. Quite the contrary, since she uses home treatments for your complexion.

Among the celebrities who use home remedies for their personal care are Kendall Jenner, Imaan Hammam, Vanessa Paradis and Georgia May Jagger, among others.

Here are some of these remedies that you can include in your skin care methods.

1. Cucumber for a perfect complexion

Kate Moss revealed her secret to maintaining a flawless complexion and magazine Vogue pick up one interview where do you mention that you use cucumber with cold water and ice cubes.

For the tired eyes and a lackluster complexion, it is enough to just fill the sink or a container with cold water, add ice cubes and a few cucumber slices. Then you must immerse your face and leave it in the water as long as possible.

The effect is favorable: the pores of the skin are closed and it is deflated. According to the famous woman herself, this is the best beauty advice she has ever received.

2. Avocado and banana for hair

Avocado is a great ally in skin care. Source: Pixabay

This home remedy for hair It is worn by Kendall Jenner, among other celebrities from the entertainment world. The recipe consists of taking a avocado that is well ripe and a banana, and mash them well.

Then it is added coconut oil and proceed to mix. The paste that arises from this mixture is apply to hair, from medium to ends. Avoid touching the roots, and let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse well.

3. Avocado and olive oil

This is another variant from the previous recipe. Is natural mask It is made with avocado, but instead of banana, it is mixed with olive oil. Crush the avocado and add the oil.

If you want to revive your hair, you can moisturize using this mixture which is actually very easy to prepare. Cover your hair with the cream and leave for about 30 minutes, and then rinse.

4. Ice cubes for the face

If the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimmersing your face in cold water with ice cubes you don’t like it, this is another option that won’t make you so cold.

What you should do is market an ice cube on your face. If you skin is very sensitive, cover the ice with a towel, and use it as a compress. Ice is capable of smooth skin and close the pores Instantly.

5. Honey and egg mixture for the skin

Egg and honey
The egg and honey are used in many home remedies. Source: Shutterstock

In case your skin is dehydrated and parched, there is nothing more effective than this recipe. Mixture an egg with a tablespoon of honey, and with a cotton cover your face with the mixture.

This mask can be prepared once a week. You will see that you will achieve the expected results in a short time.

These practical ideas will help you Save a lot of money in cosmetic products. In addition, it gives you a practical solution with those foods that are already past, such as avocado or banana. Instead of discard them, can you do creams to beautify your skin and hair.

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