Monday, November 29

5 people were killed and 6 others were injured in two events this Sunday in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican authorities assured that in both events they received calls to the 911 system.


At least five people were shot and killed, and six others were wounded, in the middle of two events that occurred this Sunday in Puerto Rico.

In the first case, three people died and six others were injured in Loíza, located on Highway 187 at kilometer 23 in the Épico de Loíza business, a municipality on the north coast of Puerto Rico.

The authorities assured that minutes before the event they were alerted by means of a call through the 911 system, however when they arrived at the place it was too late, as reported by the journalist Torres Montalvo through his Twitter account, where it is appreciated the statement by the Puerto Rico Police.

Montalvo also detailed that the victims were identified as Johmauri Lacen, 20, Gilbert Quiñones, 20, and Carlos Pizarro, 26.

As for the people who were wounded, it is known that they are between 20 and 58 years old, residents of Loíza and one of them in the municipality of Bayamón.

The second case was a double murder that occurred early this Sunday in the Juan Martin neighborhood of Yabucoa, a municipality on the east coast of Puerto Rico.

After being alerted, the authorities found the body of two men with gunshot wounds; were identified as José Castro (29 years old) and Juan Colón (21 years old), both residents of Yabucoa.

After this multiple murder came to light, the mayor of Loíza, Julia Nazario issued a statement in which she lamented the loss of these people in the municipality.

“In every valuable life that is lost, we have the obligation as a society to assist families, rebuild the social fabric, emphasize education, foster alliances,” Nazario emphasized in a comment via the social network Twitter.

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