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5 popular and effective science-based weight loss tricks

Today we all want to lose weight and in a certain way we have indulged in all kinds of strict diets and supplements that promise to help us get the best results. However, it is important to know that although weight loss is a very personal journey and in which very peculiar characteristics influence each person. There are studies that show that make lifestyle changes it is much more effective than any extreme measure that puts our health at risk and results in an annoying rebound effect.

The truth is that it is very easy to talk about “Changes in habits” however, on many occasions we don’t even know where to start. The good news is that there are small but forceful measures that will make a significant difference, by uniting all these positive habits it will be much easier to lose weight and achieve the health goals that we set ourselves. Here we present you 5 Science-Backed Diet Tricks to avoid excessive calorie intake, eat healthier and lose those extra kilos. Best of all, these are completely sustainable measures that will change your lifestyle significantly.

1. Eat fruits and vegetables

By now it is very clear that a large consumption of fruits and vegetables is simply one of the most important measures to lose weight and prevent disease. However, with the growing popularity of the consumption of green juices and smoothies, many people have become accustomed to supplementing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. However we have news for you: a recent study found that swap three glasses of fruit juice a week for three servings of whole fruit was associated with a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It was also proven to be one of the best and simplest measures to lose weight, since whole fruits provide a good dose of fiber (a key nutrient in weight loss and the digestive process ). So now’s the time to swap that bottle of sugar-packed apple juice that will increase your measurements for a whole apple.

Vegetable Salad
Fruit salad. / Photo: Pexels

2. Use smaller bowls to serve food

Perhaps this is the perfect excuse to update the tableware at home. Research has shown that eating out of large bowls, it is a factor that increases food consumption by 16%. In a way it is quite logical, a large bowl will naturally make us serve ourselves more food. Therefore, betting on smaller bowls will be of great help to avoid overeating and to control daily caloric intake much better. Use the large bowls for hearty, colorful salads packed with fruits and vegetables Only in that case is it worth it! And of course without creamy dressings, or breaded or fried items.

Small bowl of yogurt./Photo: Shutterstock

3. Do not eat distracted or watching TV

We all know how enjoyable it is to eat or drink while watching our favorite series on Netflix or how timely it can be while checking email. However tempting or practical it may be, are customs that you should avoid at all costs since they are associated with weight gain and promote a sedentary life. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat distracted eat 10% more than they would by being focused and focused on just enjoying mealtime. In addition, these habits are usually related to a higher consumption of caloric foods and fast foods.

Eat excessively
Comer por ansiedad./Foto: Shutterstock

4. Eat before you eat

If you used to starve all day in order to save calories for dinner and end the day with a big prize of hamburger and fries You are making a serious mistake! Nutrition experts increasingly emphasize the importance of snacks and appetizers, they are the best ally to avoid overeating and above all to avoid falling into possible binges. One of the best recommendations is to consume healthy snacks in the middle of the morning and afternoon, and before eating, bet on a bowl of soup or salad. This simple change in habits is key to controlling your appetite and craving for food. According to a study by researchers from the state of Pennsylvania, eating snacks reduces the total intake of calories in a meal by up to 20% Nothing bad! Remember to eat nutritious whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, nuts, low-fat cheeses, whole grains, healthy fats, and legumes.

Soup ingredients
Vegetable soups. / Photo: Pixabay

5. Just add cinnamon to your everyday dishes

In recent years medicinal spices they have taken a very special place in the field of nutrition and dietary guidelines focused on weight loss. Fortunately, we have an exotic variety that allows us to successfully integrate them into all kinds of drinks and dishes, both sweet and savory. In particular, cinnamon is simply the best spice to promote weight loss and enhance health. Saccording to a study published in The Journal of the American College of Nutrition, a teaspoon or cinnamon stick is the perfect addition to starchy foods (like oatmeal) as it has the power to stabilize blood sugar and avoid insulin spikes that cause hunger, cravings, and weight gain. It is also associated with great benefits to accelerate metabolism and purify the body.

Apple with cinnamon
Canela. /Foto: Shutterstock

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