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5 reasons that will convince you to buy the new Sony Inzone H9 headset for PS5 and PC

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Sony has new premium headsets to play with your PlayStation 5 and with your PC, the new Sony Inzone H9. Are they the best option compared to other Sony? This is what you should know.

Sony is a legendary technology brand that has always been characterized by focusing on sound. One of its most famous products that marked a before and after in the world was the mythical Walkman. In our time they are still at the top of the sound, with headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM5.

Now they have some very interesting new headphones, Sony Inzone H9but initially they are not intended for music, they are designed for PlayStation 5 and PC gamers.

What do these headphones have that are attracting the eyes of gamers? Although at we have already analyzed them, we are going to tell you the most important points that you should know.

The Inzone H9 are Sony’s new gaming headphones that feature noise cancellation and 3D spatial sound.

They are not the only gaming headphones that Sony has. We cannot forget the Sony Pulse 3D, wireless headphones with 360º sound designed for PlayStation 5.

But they are not the only Inzone headphones. Sony also launched a few weeks ago the little brother, simpler and with cable Sony Inzone H3 that you can buy for less than 100 euros.

This is the most important thing you should know before buying the Sony Inzone H9 that you can already buy for 300 euros in PcComponentes.

  1. Design
  2. Sound quality
  3. Microphone
  4. connectivity
  5. Drums
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Specially designed for PlayStation 5

Sony Inzone H9 is a headset with a strong PlayStation 5 design. It uses the same design language as the black and white PS5 and goes hand in hand with other accessories such as the DualSense controller.

Its design is designed to be comfortable to wear for hours, which is why the pads are very soft, both on the ears and on the headband.

Maintains spatial sound and also has noise cancellation

Sound quality is vital for a gaming headset, especially when you’re playing games where a sound gives you the thousandths of a second needed to kill your enemy or save your life.

They have quite predominant bass, as you can well read in the analysis, a classic of Sony headphones.

It is compatible with the 3D sound or spatial sound that is in PlayStation 5 and that is available in some games.

Integrated microphone for online games

Sony has given active noise cancellation to these headphones so it has two microphones pointed outwards to analyze the noise. In addition, to improve the quality of your voice while you play, they have opted for an elongated microphone.

This type of microphone, much closer to your mouth, is perfect for focusing on your voice and not on external noise.

Totally wireless with comfort in mind

Sony Inzone H9 are intended to be used while gaming at home, but also with more devices. They are wireless and work with a 2.4 Ghz USB adapter that allows you to eliminate interference and be much faster.

Also, it has Bluetooth. But not so much as an independent connection, but to connect it with your mobile and be able to use it in games, listening to music or on calls.

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Autonomy for more than a day of gaming

As in all wireless headphones, one of the crucial details is the power. In this case, Sony says that its autonomy reaches 32 hours of continuous use with active noise cancellation.

It even has fast charging. With 10 minutes connected you will have 60 minutes of use to play. You can even use them while charging them.

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