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5 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo is amongst the most demandable material in the modern fashion world. Owing to its qualities and growth process, it is also the most sustainable fashion material. Now when the fashion world walks past the concept of design, material, and style, the idea of ​​sustainable fashion and sustainable fashion brands become a mainstream ideas. Bamboo definitely holds a profound role in the future of fashion.

Here are five reasons to choose sustainable bamboo clothing

  1. Biodegradable

Sustainable fashion is about minimizing the environmental footprint of fabric manufacturing and adopting techniques that are entirely environmentally friendly. Bamboo appears to be the finest material. It can be decomposed easily without much energy and resources. It can be decomposed without harming nature or using natural resources. Hence it is a prominent contender for the future of fashion.

  1. Breathable

The new generation prefers clothing that is light, comfortable, and skin-friendly. Bamboo is one of those rare fabrics that checks all the boxes. It has excellent temperature control properties that make it appropriate for summer and winter usage. Due to its moisture-retaining properties, it maintains a cooling effect on the skin. Also, it locks the moisture away from the skin and allows it to evaporate quickly, hence keeping it entirely breathable.

  1. Faster to Grow and Produce

Bamboo grows extremely fast. Unlike other plants that take several years to produce fibers finally, bamboo rapidly reaches a height of 3 meters in 3-4 years. It is important as demands for fast fashion become a reality. Nowadays, there is a tremendous requirement for clothing that can be mass-produced in no time. As bamboo is faster to grow and easy to transform into desired designs, it can fill the gap for materials that can be produced in a much shorter deadline. Bamboo grows fast and can be processed and stored for further usage.

  1. environment-friendly
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Unlike other fibers that undergo rigorous chemical processes to finally take shape, bamboo requires limited and no harmful chemicals to form the desired fabric. No harmful chemicals mean no harsh impact on nature and living beings. Thus becoming an ideal fabric for the future of sustainable fashion that designers can look forward to. And owing to its luxurious feel and versatile use, it is reckoned as a fantastic choice for comfortable clothing. copenhagen-bamboo is a name that is synonymous with bamboo clothing because all of their clothing lines are of the OEKO-TEX standard (a test that recognizes the use of substances harmful to health and the environment) making them a promising choice.

  1. Uses Minimum Water

Being sustainable means preventing the prolific use of resources and identifying alternatives that work in harmony with humans and their surroundings. Bamboo has the excellent capability of retaining water and thus requires very less water to grow. Further, it does not need frequent irrigation thus making it a supreme plant to grow and use for clothes.

As the research and development progresses, Bamboo will be a game changer alternative in the fashion industry. With limited chemical usage and inherent natural properties that makes it sustainable, bamboo clothing is the new face of style.

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