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5 reasons to love peanut butter

Eating peanut butter in moderation can be very healthy. It is a delicious and nutritious food and within a balanced diet it offers multiple health benefits. From promoting weight loss, managing blood sugar levels to improving heart health.

Peanut butter provides you with protein; it is a good source of vitamins E, vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B6; provides essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc; In addition, it also provides fiber and healthy fats. An 2 tablespoon serving (tablespoons) of peanut butter provides 7.02 grams of protein and 1.5 g of fiber.

1. Supports heart health

The nutrition department of the Harvard School of Public Health notes that peanut butter can be very healthy. Peanuts contain mostly good fats, including Olaf acid. The good fats can improve blood cholesterol levels, relieve inflammation and stabilize the heart rate.

Further, WebMD notes that peanuts are a natural source of arginine, an amino acid that can prevent heart and vascular disease by promoting the good functioning of the blood vessels.

2. Provides you with energy and promotes muscle development

Peanut butter can give you an energy boost, it’s an easy way to increase your intake of calories and good fats. It also provides protein, with is essential for building and repairing muscles. This is why many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts include peanut butter in their diets.

Medical News Today notes that peanut butter in whole wheat bread makes a more complete protein meal, as bread contains the amino acid methionine, with peanut butter lacks.

3. It can help you lose weight

Foods high in healthy fat, protein, and fiber, such as peanut butter, take longer to digest, with can make us feel fuller for longer and reduce the risk of overeating.

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4. Helps control blood sugar levels

Peanuts are low in carbohydrates, have good amounts of healthy fats, protein, and a little fiber. These characteristics mean that peanut butter, without added sugar, does not have a significant impact on blood glucose levels and may be a good option for people with diabetes.

An observational study showed that women who ate peanut butter 5 times a week or more had a 21% lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

5. Supports your memory

The revestatrol in walnuts and peanuts is related to the protection of neurons against oxidative damage and to the prevention of neuronal death. Like vitamin E, it can help improve cognition.

Peanuts, for example, stand out because they contain high levels of niacin and are a good source of vitamin E, two nutrients that protect against age-related cognitive decline. Including peanuts in your diet can help prevent Anlzheimer’s, according to researchers from Harvard.

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