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5 reasons to stop drinking packaged juices

5 reasons to stop drinking packaged juices

Juices have as much sugar and calories as soda.

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Fruits are healthy, so many people think drinking 100% fruit juices is too. Are Homemade and Processed Juices Really Healthy?

The nutrition experts processed juices do not qualify as healthy as well as neither do they recommend the ones we prepare at home. What could be wrong with a glass of orange, apple, pomegranate or other fruits and vegetables.

1. Same amount and calories as a soft drink

Juices, even being 100% fruit, should be limited, advises the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). While they often contain healthy nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, contain the same amount of sugar (albeit from natural fruit sugars) and calories than soda.

Some juices have the equivalent of more than 10 teaspoons of sugar. The average 12-ounce soda contains approximately 35 to 45 grams of sugar. The same amount of orange juice has 30 grams; apple juice, grams; and pomegranate juice can exceed 45 grams, points out Mind Body Green Dr. Frank Lipman, recognized in functional medicine.

2. They lack a component in the fruit and necessary in the diet: fiber!

Fruits are a source of fiber. When you juice the fruit, you are letting go of the fiber, as it is removed by the extraction process.

The fiber favors intestinal transit; helps decrease aid to lower glucose levels and the cholesterol in the blood; and also has a satiating effectyou ingest fewer calories usually. If you want to drink fruits and vegetables you can opt for smoothies.

3. Quickly raise your blood sugar levels

Juices raise your blood sugar levels quickly and with high spikes. This effect of juices is due precisely to the lack of fiber. The same does not happen with whole fruits, fiber slows the release of glucose into the blood.

your energy can be affectedBecause as quickly as it rises, blood sugar tends to fall.

4. Promotes obesity

The body does not “register” liquid calories, actually yes, but you are delusional. A person can continue to eat even after drinking a high-calorie drink, consuming more calories in the day than they would without the juice. The body requires calories but no empty calories without real nutritional benefit.

In addition, sugary drinks can stimulate appetite for other sweet foods high in carbohydrates.

5. They increase your risk of diseases

“Beyond weight gain, routine consumption of these high-sugar beverages can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases. In addition, higher consumption of sugary beverages has been linked to higher risk of premature death“, Explains the HSPH.

Where are the vitamins? In the processed juices, during the process of pasteurization of the drink in order to destroy microorganisms, lose vitamins that are sensitive to heat, such as C vitamin. Some brands can reincorporate the pulp and vitamins.

Eating the whole fruit gives you the vitamins with half the sugar and the benefit of fiber.

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