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5 reasons why eating fish helps you lose weight faster

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in finding the best sources of protein, not in vain the offer of products such as protein bars and shakes is increasing. However, obtaining the recommended levels of protein is much easier: bet on eating more fish. It is one of the food groups richest in proteins of high biological value and regardless of the fish variant, they are simply a fundamental dietary addition in all dietary guideline based on losing weight.

The truth is that fish is rich in all kinds of nutrients, light, versatile, satisfying and low in calories. It brings together important aspects that benefit the body in multiple ways and one of the main ones is weight loss. Not in vain, the consumption of fish is a basic point in the style of eating mediterranean, that is why for the 4th consecutive year as the best diet to lose weight, gain health, extend life expectancy and prevent diseases. Based on the above, we set about compiling 5 great ways to eat fish it will help you lose weight.

1. Provides high quality proteins

Adequate protein consumption is essential for the proper functioning of the body and is key to weight loss. Fish is simply the best low calorie complete protein alternativeIt is also related to an immense satiating power and is therefore a great ally to avoid eating excess calories. It is well known that following a diet with insufficient protein is associated with more appetite and hunger. At the same time, it is important to monitor the consumption of simple carbohydrates, they may not provide satiety and we eat more. Instead of consuming many potatoes, rice, pasta and white bread, the recommendation is to consume them moderately and always include a portion of foods that contain proteins of high biological value such as fish.

Iron fish
Salmón./Foto: Shutterstock

2. It is very satiating, it will help you eat less

Being an extraordinary source of high quality protein, fish is a food with great satiating potential. Although protein is related to many positive aspects of the functioning of the body, from the point of view of digestion it is ideal for increase the feeling of satisfaction. Therefore, by adding a source of protein in our meals such as fish, we will feel satisfied for longer and with it, appetite and cravings will be better controlled. Experts emphasize that when choosing versions of fatty fish such as salmon, trout or tuna, which are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, there will be extra benefits The reason? Fats also contribute to satiety and omega-3s are healthy fats for the heart, so consuming foods rich in this substance absolutely benefits the functioning of the whole organism.

Fish steak
White fish fillet. / Photo: Pexels

3. You will significantly reduce your fat intake

Products of animal origin such as all those derived from beef and pork are good sources of protein, however they are conspicuous for their high fat content. By replacing them with the consumption of fish, you will be significantly reducing the [cantidad] calories you eat in a meal. In addition, fish has the genius of being very versatile and can be prepared in very healthy ways, without adding excess fat and calorie-dense ingredients such as cheeses and creams. Fish, regardless of the variant, goes wonderfully with nutrient-rich vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, avocado, eggplant, bell peppers, citrus and cauliflower; that increase the overall quality of nutrients in each meal, while the calorie density drops.

Fresh fish
Fresh fish. / Photo: Pixabay

4. Eating fish decreases inflammation

It is well known that chronic inflammation is the origin of most degenerative diseases. Therefore, the simple fact of reducing inflammation through medicinal foods will not only be of great help to live longer, it is directly related to weight loss. According to a Study published by the Archives of Medical Science: Finding ways to “control obesity” like eating fish reduces the risk of disease by reducing inflammation. Lomega-3 fatty acids in fish are one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents, the truth is that as the general inflammation decreases: you will not only see a change in the information that the scale throws up, but also in the energy levels and most common health markers. Remember that the Low-grade chronic inflammation is linked to mental and physical fatigue. By reducing inflammation, physical and mental performance increases, we will be better able to exercise and metabolism will accelerate.

blue Fish
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5. Fish is low in calories

Among the high-quality protein options with more nutritional power and lower caloric intake are all the fish variants, not in vain they are an essential element in any meal plan focused on weight loss. For more context: Pper ounce, fish (raw) contains about 30 calories. It is one of the lowest calorie protein foods compared to other protein sources, such as lean beef at 56 calories per ounce, lean pork tenderloin at 33 calories per ounce, or red beans at 36 calories per ounce. I bet you choose fresh and seasonal fish, and choose light preparations such as grilled, oven, steamed, in ceviche or as the perfect accompaniment to salads.

raw salmon
Raw salmon. / Photo: Shutterstock

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