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5 reasons why POCO F4 GT is the best mobile gamer of the moment

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POCO continues to be one of the best mobile brands with the best value for money and the new POCO F4 GT is crowned its gaming mobile.

Since Xiaomi independentized POCO as its own semi-independent brand, we cannot complain about the mobiles they have launched. POCO X3 Pro, POCO M4 Pro… They are just an example of the latest good, beautiful and cheap mobiles.

Now, as a mid-year surprise, POCO has released LITTLE F4 GT, a mobile clearly focused on the gaming market that has quickly become one of the most interesting you can buy right now.

POCO gaming mobile with 120 Hz screen, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 128 GB of storage and battery with 120 W charge.

The good news is that at we have already been able to analyze POCO F4 GT, a mobile that has more than fulfilled everything that was expected of it.

If you are wondering if you should wait for its launch, since it hits stores on May 9, we are going to summarize the best features of this mobile that make it one of the best candidates to be the mobile gamer that you should buy.

One of the most expensive POCO phones and rightly so

It was evident that to have a gaming mobile with the best that can be put into components, the price of this mobile could not be like those that POCO had accustomed us to. That is why we can consider the POCO F4 GT as the most expensive mobile.

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It is not for less with everything it has and the exclusive functions that they have designed to maximize performance in games.

POCO gaming mobile with 120 Hz screen, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 128 GB of storage and battery with 120 W charge.

The entry price of the model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage is 599.90 euros. This at its launch on May 9.

The most interesting version is the top of the range of this mobile, a POCO F4 GT with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for only 699.90 euros. And it is not a bad price considering its characteristics since no competition can face it.

TOP processor to have the best performance

POCO has chosen the newest and most powerful processor from Qualcomm for this POCO F4 GT. In the same way that the most important brands in the world have used it for their star mobiles, POCO F4 GT features a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

The scores that we have published in our analysis far exceed those of mobiles such as Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or Xiaomi 12 Pro.

Furthermore, the memory RAM is LPDDR5 and the storage is UFS 3.1so you get the fastest processor, the fastest RAM, and the fastest mobile storage chip.

Large screen and in addition to 120 Hz

The screen of the new POCO F4 GT is bigger, 6.67 inches. This makes it have a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. It also comes with special Gorilla Glass Victus anti-scratch protection.

But the best thing is that this mobile It has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a screen sampling of 480 Hz.. This makes the time that passes from when your finger touches the screen until it is registered so fast that in elements such as games, the action is much more immediate.

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In summary, a large, fast AMOLED screen perfect for gaming.

Exclusive features for gamers: those triggers are hidden!

Among the most curious features that this POCO F4 GT has is a design so optimized for gaming that It even has triggers to shoot.

It is not something new since there were gaming mobiles with physical triggers for games. What POCO has done is something much smarter. It has put buttons to unlock the triggers, this way they are not always protruding.

These retractable triggers are activated and deactivated thanks to a set of magnets, with a robust design and that do not “dance”.

The triggers are programmable to do a virtual press somewhere in the game, so you won’t have a problem with any game.

All-day battery…and charges in a pee

The battery is one of the critical functions of a mobile, it is of little use to be the best in hardware if you do not have a battery that allows it to survive a day of use.

The problem is that with mobile phones designed for gaming, none lasts a day without charging it and also playing. So many hours with the screen on and also with a process as heavy as a game, it is difficult for a mobile to keep up with energy to get to the next day.

POCO F4 GT has a 4,700 mAh battery and also with fast charging of 120 W. Luckily POCO includes the charger in the box.

With the fast charging option activated you will have 100% of the battery charged in just 16 minutes. Perfect for an emergency.

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Another interesting detail in power management is that POCO F4 GT comes with an L-shaped USB-C charging cable. This way it won’t bother you when you’re gaming.

It is the small and great details of this POCO F4 GT that make it one of the best options in mobile gaming at the moment. All for less than 600 euros.

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