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5 reasons why the Huawei Matebook X Pro (2021) reduced to €1,399 is a great alternative to the MacBook Pro

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Huawei sells many models of PCs, some of them portable and surprisingly powerful. The Matebook X Pro is one of them, we have tested it and now it is reduced in price.

Despite the entrenched problems between Huawei and Google, the Asian firm sells many other devices that get rid of the blockade and that succeed thanks to reasonable prices and good quality, in the case of their laptops.

They are the Matebook and there are new models on a regular basis, practically every month, so it is difficult to follow the thread of launches. What we do know is what we have been able to test, such as the Huawei Matebook X Pro 2021, a very powerful professional laptop that now costs only 1,399 euros thanks to the A200MBXPRO21 coupon that lowers it by an additional 200 euros.

Stands out for being a ultralight computer, with an i7 of the most powerful and with an outstanding screen, as we have seen first hand.

This laptop has an ultra-thin design, a 3K screen and Windows 10 as the operating system, the direct competition of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 in its different configurations.

It is intended primarily for people who need a work computer that weighs little and can run practically any Windows application on the flyand it is that the Microsoft operating system is Huawei’s firm commitment, how could it be otherwise.

We have compiled some of the reasons why it is worth considering it as an alternative to another of the kings of computing today, Apple’s MacBook Pro with M1 Pro processor, much more expensive and close to 2,000 euros.

  1. Even lower price with coupon
  2. Upgradable to Windows 11
  3. Power for everything you want and more
  4. Very bright screen with 3K resolution
  5. Truly ultralight and strong
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Now you have a coupon that reduces it by an extra €200

This laptop has an ultra-thin design, a 3K screen and Windows 10 as the operating system, the direct competition of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 in its different configurations.

The original price of this computer was much higher than it is now. It cost 1,899 euros at launch, although little by little sales have been accumulating.

Right now, of the 1,599 euros it costs, you can discount an extra 200 euros with the code A200MBXPRO21, which leaves it at its historical minimum price.

This is partly because the 2022 Matebook X Pro is now on sale, which has some improvements but is also surprisingly high in price.

With the specifications it has, it is certainly worth spending what it costs right now if you are looking for a PC to work for many years without any problem.

Upgradable to Windows 11

Although it originally comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, there are no problems updating to Windows 11 automatically, as the brand itself makes clear on its website.

It is somewhat recommended, and it is that the new Microsoft OS comes with important new features, especially in the aesthetic and design section and also in energy efficiency.

You can do it as soon as you turn on your computer for the first time.

A super powerful Intel Core i7 processor ready to run any application

The specifications of this computer are very, very good, and it is that it has 16GB of RAM, 1TB SSD storage and an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor.

That means that it has more than enough power to run all Windows applications and even some games, even if it does not have a dedicated graphics card but rather the one integrated with the processor.

Truly and as we have verified, it flies running any app, editing videos and photos and in any circumstance.

One difference from Apple’s M1 processors is that they do run all applications flawlessly as it is not ARM basedone of the problems that Apple is solving little by little.

3K screen to be able to edit all your videos and photos in detail

Touch screen, 3K resolution and 13.9 inches in size. On paper they are already very good details but it is that at the moment of truth the feeling is better if possible.

This has to do with the color of the panel and the sharpness, of course, and it is a PC designed to edit and capture every corner and color of a photo or video.

It is somewhat larger than the most basic MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, which are only 13.3 inches.

Aluminum chassis and light at just 1.33 kg

This laptop has an ultra-thin design, a 3K screen and Windows 10 as the operating system, the direct competition of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 in its different configurations.

The design of the Matebook Pro X is another of its strong points, and it is that in addition to the metallic design typical of practically all high-end ultrabooks, it gives it a touch of color that goes beyond the classic gray.

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Despite having a screen of almost 14 inches, it weighs very little, just 1.33 kg, so it is quite versatile if you plan to carry it from one place to another.

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