Wednesday, June 7

5 separate attacks leave 12 dead in Mexico

  • The state of Michoacán accumulates 1,432 violent murders allegedly related to drug trafficking in 2022

Authorities from the Mexican state of Michoacán, in the west of the country, reported the murder of 12 people, in different attacks perpetrated this Monday by alleged assassins in five municipalities of the state.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that three of the victims are men who were shot to death inside a bar called “El Retén de Lupita”, located in the municipality of Cojumatlán, adjacent to the neighboring state of Jalisco.

Meanwhile, the tortured and shot corpses of three men and one woman were discovered on the side of the highway that connects the municipalities of Villamar and Jiquilpan, near the town known as “Emiliano Zapata”, 40 kilometers from Cojumatlán.

On the other hand, in the municipality of Jiquilpan, a man died after being shot by presumed assassins, when he was walking in the community of “Francisco Sarabia”.

In addition, armed men shot dead a man and a woman in the vicinity of the town of San Juan Tararameo, in the municipality of Cuitzeo, near the shores of Lake Cuitzeo.

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The authorities also reported the discovery of the bodies of two men, with traces of torture and bullet wounds, in a house in the Vista Bella neighborhood of the city of Morelia, capital of Michoacán.

So far this year, Michoacán registers a total of 1,432 violent murders that are presumed to be related to criminal activities of the various drug trafficking organizations that operate in the state. Among the drug cartels that have been identified by Michoacán authorities are the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), La Nueva Familia Michoacana -also known as Cárteles Unidos and which operates with its armed wing ‘Los Viagras’-, Los Knights Templar, The (former) Michoacán Family, Pueblos Unidos and Los Correa Cartel.

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