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5 smart speakers that do not have Alexa and that are very worthwhile

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Digital assistant speakers have features that make your life easier, but not all have Alexa. These smart speakers are compatible with Google and some even with Google and Alexa.

Smart speakers are everywhere. It is becoming more common to find them in any home because of their usefulness and because they have become an easy gift to take advantage of.

Both Amazon and Google have lowered the prices of their entry-level speakers so much, sometimes by around 25 euros, that they have become ubiquitous. Who can resist for those prices?

Although Amazon’s speakers are undoubtedly the best sellers in the world, “not all the field is Alexa.” let us introduce you alternatives to amazon smart speakers that have another assistant like Google and they sound great.

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Although speakers like the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Nest mini are good buys to have a virtual assistant nearby, listen to music, news or answer questions, they are not the best option in terms of audio quality due to their small size.

These speakers that we have chosen are not only smart, they are also they have good sound quality that will offer you a better experience to listen to all your favorite playlists.

  1. Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker
  2. Google Nest Audio
  3. Apple HomePod mini
  4. Sonos One
  5. JBL Link Music
  6. Bose SoundLink Revolve II

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

This Xiaomi smart speaker is compatible with Google Assistant, so you can control all the devices that use this assistant, in addition to all Xiaomi home automation devices.

This smart speaker Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker It is one of the cheapest options and they sound really good. It also includes the integrated Google assistant to interact with it and all its possibilities.

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It has a powerful 12W speaker inside with a 25-inch driver, 2 wide-area microphones to hear you properly, and touch controls on the top to adjust volume, call Google, and pause/play songs.

The best thing is definitely the price. Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker costs less than 25 euros at MediaMarkt. In PcComponentes it is available for less than 40 euros.

In the official Xiaomi store in Spain you can also get it for less than 50 euros.

Google Nest Audio

Speaker connected to the Google assistant with special attention to music quality thanks to an improvement in its internal speakers: clear voices and intense bass.

The newest Google smart speaker you can find is the new Google Nest Audio and comes to replace the old Google Home. The design has been greatly improved, but also the most important thing: the sound quality.

Obviously everything revolves around the Google assistant and you can ask it for everything, from setting reminders, telling you how your day is according to your calendar, reporting news, road information, weather information, controlling connected home products… of everything!

This new Nest Audio has 75% more volume than the previous Google Home and 50% more intense bass. And you can even move what you’re listening to from one speaker to another in another room thanks to as long as you have the Google Home app installed on your mobile.

You can find it for about 80 euros at FNAC or for 74 euros at PcComponentes with fast shipping.

Apple HomePod mini

HomePod mini is the latest version of Apple’s smart speaker, with a compact design that houses a powerful sound system, S5 processor and compatibility with the Siri voice assistant for total control of home devices.

For now the only smart speaker for sale from Apple, after the dismissal of the original HomePod, is this home pod mini. Although small, it has a brutal sound considering that it only has one speaker, but capable of reproducing audio clearly and in 360º.

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The advantage of this HomePod mini is that if you use an iPhone you can use it hands-free to make calls, you also have Siri to manage your digital life with your voice, since with a “Hey Siri” you can control compatible home products, set reminders among many other functions.

If you have two they can automatically identify each other and combine the sound to make a stereo system. Even become a hub for products compatible with HomeKit, the platform for the Internet of things in the home for Apple.

You can buy a HomePod mini for 97 euros at Media Markt. At FNAC it is available for about 81 euros and for about 94 euros at Macnificos.

EN El Corte Inglés is also available but at the official price, 99 euros.

Sonos One

Sonos One is a WiFi-connected speaker for streaming from streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music.

Although this speaker is already a few years old, Sonos One It has become one of the best options in smart speakers if you do not decide on a virtual assistant. Compact, yet very powerful, this Sonos speaker has a great design and you can pair as many as you like to create a surround system.

With Sonos speakers you can choose where to listen to music or podcast, controlling in one, two or several rooms. Also the audio quality is excellent.

It is compatible with both the Google Assistant and Alexa. You just have to configure the assistant you want from your application to be able to speak to one of the assistants from Amazon or Google.

It can be obtained at FNAC for 229.90 euros, at MediaMarkt it is at 229 euros and at PcComponentes for 215 euros with free shipping.

JBL Link Music

A little unknown but very interesting is the Blueooth speaker JBL LinkMusic. It is compatible with the Google assistant and has professional 360º sound.

It has a 20 W speaker capable of playing clear music through 360º. It is also a speaker that has several technologies that make it very interesting, such as AirPlay 2 for Apple users and Chromecast Audio for Android users. With one press you could play from your mobile to the speaker.

It also connects to WiFi networks to stream music from music services such as Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music among others.

It can be found at FNAC for just over 82 euros.

Bose SoundLink Revolve II

Bose SoundLink Revolve II

If you are looking for a speaker with great sound quality and that also has technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth and voice assistant, you can get this Bose SoundLink Revolve II.

Under the premise of the great sound quality offered by Bose products, this speaker not only has the Google assistant and integrated Chromecast Audio, it even has Alexa, but it is also wireless with a range of 13 hours.

It has a charging base, it is quite hard with extra protection against shocks and it is also waterproof.

At Amazon it is on sale for 183 euros and at MediaMarkt you can get it at 229 euros in white.

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