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5 things undocumented immigrants should know about financial aid in New York

Some immigrants will be able to get at least $ 3,200 in aid.

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The New York Department of Labor continues in the process to implement the Excluded Workers Fund, which will award up to $ 15,600 to undocumented immigrants who lost their jobs during the California pandemic. COVID-19.

The project was integrated into the New York State Budget, enacted for fiscal year 2022, which mandates the creation of the $ 2.1 billion program to provide the payments in cash to those who do not benefit from unemployment insurance, due to their immigration status.

“Such workers must be low-income and provide sufficient documentation to establish work-related eligibility and residency in the state.”, indicates the Department of Labor in a message. “We will announce additional details about the program later, including how to apply.”

Although there are no details on what the process will look like, the requirements for the program are set out in budget approved by the State Assembly.

The organization Make the Road New York released a format of unofficial “pre-registration”, which will allow immigrants to keep abreast of when and how they should apply for the benefit.

1. What is the fund

Federal financial aid programs, such as the Ley CARES and the American Rescue Plan (ARP), did not endorse aid for undocumented immigrants directly, only for those mixed families where one of the members has legal status, that is, is a US citizen or has a Permanent Residence that allows him to obtain a valid Social Security number.

The Excluded Workers Fund will provide a one-time payment to eligible workers who lost their jobs or income during the coronavirus pandemic, a plan endorsed by the governor. Andrew Cuomo.

2. Where to apply

The New York State Department of Labor (DOL) will be responsible for reviewing applications and distributing funds.

It is suggested to be aware of the web page, where the necessary information will be provided to obtain the benefits considered retroactive, since a person will be able to obtain help contemplating the period from March 27, 2020 to April 1, 2021.

3. How much money will be given

The fund provides up to $ 15,600 in aid to those who lost their job or can demonstrate that their income was reduced, due to lost hours of work.

Those families who prove that the person who was in charge of the family support died of COVID-19 or was incapacitated or incapacitated can also apply.

Those who are approved for the maximum amount of $ 15,600 will have $ 780 tax deducted, and could receive weekly payments of nearly $ 300.

People who do not have tax returns could receive up to $ 3,200, minus $ 160 in taxes.

4. What is needed

Final rules are pending from the Department of Labor, but the law marks several conditions:

>> Immigrants must file their tax reports under the identification number Taxpayer Personal Identification Number (ITIN).

>> Have a photo ID: driver’s license, unexpired state identification card, and IDNYC card.

>> There are other forms of identification that will allow immigrants to “accumulate points”, such as a marriage certificate or consular identification.

>> The person must show that they have lived in New York State since before March 27, 2020 and continue to live in the state.

5. Is it permanent?

No. This program is unique. In addition, the fund will help the most vulnerable workers, that is, those who did not earn more than $ 26,208 annually.

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