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5 tips on how to write an argumentative essay

Writing an argumentative essay will always be part of your academic journey. Schools and teachers incorporate this activity into their curricula because it helps students learn and develop new skills. Sometimes they do not implicitly say that you will do an argumentative essay. But you can detect it based on its structure and purpose. It is a writing that reveals the author’s position on a certain topic. To create a great article, you need to state your reasons using logic and showing evidence to back up your claim.

However, accomplishing this task may not be easy for you or others. You may find it difficult to address unfamiliar issues. You may also not have time to work on your job due to time constraints or personal responsibilities. Whatever your reason, you can always consider seeking help from custom writing services like RehearsalKitchen. Their professional writers are able to provide you with high-quality essays anytime you need them. If you do not have the means to pay them, you can do the task independently. Here are some tips on how to write an argument essay.

  • Find a theme that suits you

Part of learning how to start an argumentative essay is choosing your topic. Sometimes your teacher will give you a specific topic to work on because he wants your class to discuss varied topics. This way, there will be no overlapping or copying of assignments between all of you. However, most teachers will give you the freedom to decide. This invites everyone to share their previous knowledge and interests and to work on new things they want to explore. If your teacher does the latter, it would be best to find a guideline that suits you. It can be based on your interests, prior knowledge, and availability.

If you have a lot of topics in mind, you can list them all on paper or on your device. You can do some deletion if other topics don’t appeal to you. But if you want to have a specific message, it would be best to search for lists on the Internet. Many websites offer various themes according to each field or topic. For example, they have lists of topics related to mental health, education, technology, environment, etc. From there, you can select a message that interests you. However, remember that your article should not only have your opinions about the author. You must back it up with evidence from credible sources. Therefore, it would be better to choose a topic that suits your interests and has abundant related literature.

  • Research your ideas and organize your findings

As mentioned above, a good argumentative essay should have reliable references to prove the author’s thesis. To do this, you need to do a little research on your chosen topic. If you already have a defined stand, you just need to look for more information in various materials that you can find. First, check to see if there are enough materials to support your main points.

In the meantime, if you are still unsure of your position on the subject, you can read articles and other materials. While doing this, it would be best to bookmark the sources that you have read. In this way, you can track materials related to your topic, whether they show opposition or not. By doing these things, you can ensure that your thesis statement is well founded throughout the document. Then organize your references according to the main points made in your thesis statement.

  • Briefly summarize your main points

The outline is an essential step in writing, whether you like it or not. It allows you to organize your ideas that will result in a logical and fluid flow of ideas. Also, it gives you a sense of direction to achieve your purpose. Without this, your ideas and references will be all over the place, leading to a poorly written article. Therefore, you must outline first before drafting. Not only does it keep your work organized, but it will also save you time in the long run.

You can use different types of outlines depending on the task or type of essay you are writing. However, the most common type of scheme is the standard. This means that the introduction, the body and the conclusion form the typical structure of an argumentative essay. It should include an eye-catcher, background information on the topic, and a thesis statement in the introduction. Your thesis statement should have at least three main points, which will be discussed in the body paragraphs. Therefore, it would be better to dedicate a body paragraph to each main point. However, you must also consider the required length of the essay. Finally, the conclusion reaffirms the claim and main points and leaves readers with a thought-provoking question or challenge.

  • Cite all your facts and evidence

Whether you are writing argumentative essays or not, a citation is crucial in academic writing and research. This is done to give proper credits to the original author or source. By not doing this, you commit plagiarism, which is a serious crime in the academic community. It may affect you negatively, depending on your school’s rules regarding this issue. Therefore, it would be best to cite all the sources that you will use in your results.

Before you compose, you should also know what style of citation your teacher requires. The most widely used dating styles are APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Not using the correct one can lead to some deductions. And by not following the guidelines of each style, you commit plagiarism. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with them before submitting your work. If you want to make sure your work is plagiarism free, you can use free or paid plagiarism checkers online.

  • Don’t forget the conclusion

As mentioned above, the conclusion is part of the argumentative essay format, so it should not be neglected. Even if you think your work is already lengthy, don’t forget to conclude by summarizing your main points. This way, your readers can still remember what they have read in the body paragraphs. Also, you can use this to reinforce your position on the issue and give your readers some time to assess your position.

In conclusion, writing argumentative essays is not easy, but it is exciting. It helps you strengthen and improve your writing skills, as well as your critical thinking and reasoning skills. To do this effectively, you need to select a topic that suits your interests. Also, it would be best to research your ideas and organize them before outlining them. Nor should you forget to cite your sources and conclude your work with force. If you want professional help with this task, you can always use online essay writing services.

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