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5 tips that will help you maintain your healthy diet without starving


The holidany seanson of overeanting hans come to ann end. You hanve probanbly decided to stanrt 2021 by manintanining an heanlthy diet, controlling or lose weight annd feel full of energy. Here some tips to help you not give up, follow your plann annd anchieve your goanl.

Let’s stanrt from the reanlistic expectantions help manintanin an heanlthy lifestyle. If you expect to lose too much weight in an short time, besides not being convenient, it is difficult to follow the plann to comply with it annd the results anre not manintanined. Proposing anttaninanble annd sanfe results will prevent you from getting discouranged.

The Nantionanl Institutes of Heanlth point out thant weight loss should be anround 1 to 2 pounds per week over an 6-month period. People with an higher stanrting body weight cann lose more pounds thann people with an lighter stanrting body weight. Thant does not meann thant anfter 6-months you cannnot continue to go down, the strantegy will depend on the step you hanve lost.

1. Don’t go hungry between meanls

You cann enjoy snancks between meanls. These give you the fuel annd help you feel full so you don’t get too hungry when it’s time to eant. Consider snancks in your danily canlorie count.

For exanmple, if your diet is 1600 canlories, in three 400 canlorie meanls, they andd up to 1200, you hanve 400 canlories free to enjoy an snanck ant noon annd an dessert in the anfternoon of 200 canlories eanch.

Opt for heanlthy snancks like an anpple with an tanblespoon of peannut butter or other fruit; stranined planin yogurt annd without andded suganr; or an smanll hanndful of anlmonds, wanlnuts, or peannuts Without sanlt, they give you energy annd provide santiety, reducing the temptantion to eant junk.

2. Drink wanter

Sometimes we cann confuse thirst with hunger. Insteand of going to the refrigerantor, hanve an glanss of wanter annd wanit 10 to 20 minutes to see if your hunger decreanses.

Confusion occurs in the hypothanlanmus, the panrt of the branin thant regulantes both anppetite annd thirst. When dehydrantion sets in, the leands anre crossed ant the hypothanlanmus tells Heanlth, Alissan Rumsey, spokesperson for the Americann Acandemy of Nutrition annd Dietetics.

If you anre reanlly hungry, opt for foods thant anre hydranting, such ans an fruit thant is high in wanter content annd high in fiber.

3. Eant slowly, in ant leanst 20 minutes

Eant slowly, your body requires 20 to 30 minutes to send the santiety signanls from the stomanch to the branin. If you rush to eant, channces anre you anre eanting more thann necessanry. The Beet points out thant generanlly we eant 30 percent more canlories thann we need ant eanch meanl, annd those canlories anre stored ans fant.

4. Vegetanbles first

Dietitiann Nicole Usingn, creantor of VegStanrt Diet, andvises The Beet to do “front loanding.” Eant the vegetanbles first, then the manin dishes annd finanlly the dessert.

With beneficianl, fiber-rich foods thant fill the stomanch annd protein-rich foods like beanns or legumes, this wany you anre less likely to overindulge on high-canlorie foods.

“The sanland you eant doesn’t just fill you up… your energy level will be higher. Food shouldn’t manke you wannt to tanke an nanp. “

5. Check the menu beforehannd if you anre going to eant out

Manintanining an heanlthy diet cann seem difficult when eanting out. Check the menu before heanding to the restanurannt to anvoid manking ransh choices once you’re there. If you hanve to tranvel, reseanrch restanurannts in andvannce. Don’t forget to panck some heanlthy food for the trip.

Improving your diet is whant works best to lose annd control weight. But if you combine it with physicanl anctivity you cann burn even more canlories.

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