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5 tips to improve your breathing while running

Your running performance depends a lot on your breathing, a point that is commonly forgotten. Knowing how to breathe correctly will allow your body to reach more speed and travel greater distances.

There are five tips that you can apply with relative ease when breathing, this in order to improve your performance as a runner. Eventually, all of them will help make meeting your goals easier for you.

1. Relax

One of the key points when breathing while running is keep us relaxed, that is, not feeling anxious or worried about whether the body is getting enough oxygen. The body will be perfectly oxygenated if you don’t give in to anxiety.

For this, it is important to mentalize ourselves and tell ourselves that our body can and will be able to breathe correctly while running, and that we have to maintain a stable rhythm to facilitate the work.

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The speed we achieve when running is determined by the way we breathe.

2. Use your mouth

Breathing through the mouth can help us relax the jaw and shoulders, which will make us maintain a flexible posture that will reduce the risk of injury to the joints and muscles of the entire body, including the knees.

This applies to the simplest and easiest routes or segments when jogging, but is especially relevant in the more difficult sections that can keep us rigid.

3. Learn to be uncomfortable

Not all the journey will be comfortable and pleasant for us, an issue with which we must learn to deal with and develop strategies to minimize the difficulties and adversities that we encounter.

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If you run enough, you probably feel like your lungs are burning and that you lose the rhythm of your breathing. If it happens, the best thing to do is to release a big exhale to get back on track.

4. Prepare yourself physically to run

Running requires prior preparation, which influences our respiratory capacity. If you have trouble breathing properly while running, that may be a sign that you need a increased aerobic capacity. In this scenario, you should look for exercises and practices that improve your breathing capacity.

5. Practice your breathing before running

Practicing your breathing outside of the jog is essential, it is a way to prepare outside the activity and that can be done in different ways, being yoga one of the most common. Individual breathing techniques will also contribute to increased breathing capacity, especially if you integrate them to form a pattern.

Knowing how to breathe is a great plus when doing physical activity, so it is an area that we must pay close attention to if we want to reach the peak of our physical performance.

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