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5 ultralight mice that will keep your hand from sweating during the summer

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With high temperatures, sweating also increases, so you need to control your mouse perfectly. With these ultralight mice you will avoid sweat and you will be able to maintain precision.

If you telecommute from home, if you like to play with your gaming laptop or your desktop computer, if, in short, you use your computer when the temperature rises, you will know that it can make you sweat more than usual and that is not comfortable at all.

When using your peripherals, such as the mouse, your palm can get sweatycausing the mouse to slip and making it more difficult to use. This can be solved if you get an ultralight mouse.

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Ultralight mice feature honeycomb design with hexagonal holes in its body to save weight. This minimizes sweat on the palm of your hand, making them much easier to use even when the thermometer reads too many degrees.

Below you will see some ultralight mice that will keep your hand from sweating during the summer. They are designed to play, but thanks to their versatility you can use them for whatever you need in your leisure time and duty.

KUIYN ultralight mouse

We start with the simplest and cheapest ultralight mouse on this list. It is a KUIYN brand mouse that boasts the characteristic honeycomb design of this type of peripheral and with features that make it perfect for leisure and duty.

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Its design greatly reduces both its weight and strength, improving performance and heat dissipation.. It is equipped with four adjustable speed levels between 800 and 2,400 DPI, as well as 7 buttons and 4 RGB light modes to choose from red, purple, blue or pink.

This ultralight mouse can be yours on Amazon for a price of only 15.99 euros.

KUIYN ultralight mouse for €15.99

Mars Gaming MMAX

Mars Gaming is a brand that is characterized by offering high-quality peripherals at a very competitive price. It can be seen in many of their products, and also in one of their most popular ultralight mice: Mars Gaming MMAX.

Simple in design, this ultralight mouse It has a weight of 69 grams and boasts an aerodynamic shell that minimizes sweat and drag. Its optimal PixArt 3327Pro e 12,400 DPI sensor guarantees precision and speed. Also It has 7 programmable buttons and is compatible with both PC and consoles..

You can find it on Amazon at a fairly affordable price, as usual for this brand: only 27.90 euros.

Mars Gaming MMAX for €27.90

THE G-LAB Kult Beryllium

This ultralight mouse is also wireless, making it ideal for you if you’re looking for a peripheral without wires cluttering your desk. Despite being wireless, it boasts a latency of only 1 millisecond, so you will not notice that you are working with a wireless mouse.

Thanks to its design, heat and weight are reduced, so the peripheral only weighs 70 grams. Its latest generation PMW 3335 optical sensor allows you to adjust the sensitivity up to 16,000 DPI through 6 steps. It has 6 programmable buttons, 16.8 million colors. Its battery has a range of 10 hours if the lights are on and 30 hours if they are off.

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You can get this ultralight mouse on Amazon for 46 euros.

THE G-LAB Kult Beryllium for €46

HyperX Pulsefire Haste

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste mouse is an ultralight wired mouse weighing just 59 grams. Although it has been designed with elite players in mind, its versatility allows it to bring out its performance in any environment.

Its TTC Golden micro keys offer satisfying and reliable clicks and withstand 60 million clicks, so you don’t have to worry about unregistered clicks. Flexible HyperFlex cable and virgin-grade PTFE backings combine for a smooth, fluid glide.

You can get this mouse on Amazon for a price of 60 euros.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste for €60

Steel Series Aerox 3

This ultralight mouse is designed to react quickly to any action during gaming, with an optical sensor developed with PixArt for fast and accurate performance. This can also be very useful when browsing, designing and whatever you need.

It weighs only 59 grams thanks not only to its design, but also to its electronics, which have circuits that are 50% finer than conventional printed circuits. also ands resistant to water and dust thanks to its IP54 protection. You can find this mouse on Amazon with a price of 39.99 euros.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Snow for €39.99

Continuing with this series you can also opt for the Wireless Onyx model, a wireless model with a slightly higher weightbut equally light: only 68 grams, which is surprising considering its robustness and resistance.

It has Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology and a battery that guarantees 200 hours of continuous use. You can buy it on Amazon for 69.99 euros.

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