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5-year-old boy is killed in Minnesota by a 13-year-old teenager who recorded a video for social networks with his friends

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota police said the 13-year-old was arrested and taken to a Juvenile Detention Center.

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A 5-year-old Minnesota boy was shot and killed during Thanksgiving by a 13-year-old boy that he accidentally fired a gun while a group of young people who were with him recorded a video for social networks, official sources reported.

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, police arrived at a home on Florida Avenue around 10:20 p.m. Thursday upon receiving a report of a child being shot, police said in a statement on Facebook Friday. CNN reviewed.

“A preliminary investigation found that at some point between four and five young people had located a rifle in the house, they started using the gun in the garage to make some kind of video on social media,” stated the deputy chief of the Brooklyn police. Park, Mark Bruley to CBS Minnesota.

The authorities reported that before the incident they tried to provide first aid to the child, but could not survive and died at the scene.

Police claimed the adults were home at the time of the shooting, but have not yet determined who was supervising them and how the children accessed the weapon.

“Lock them up and store the ammunition separately,” Bruley said, referring to the use of firearms. “For us, as adults, it is our obligation to ensure that (children) do not have access to them“.

For her part, a neighbor declared her feelings for the victim’s family, and for the 13-year-old teenager, who in her opinion, his life has changed after this event.

I’m sure it’s an accident, you know I’m sure it’s freaking out. He’s just a 5-year-old boy who lost his life, ”the neighbor told CBS Minnesota.

Through a preliminary investigation, the police determined that a 13-year-old boy was handling a weapon inside the house where the events occurred, while several young people were present while trying to record a video on social networks.

So far it is not known exactly the circumstances that led to the fatal outcome, but the authorities have handled the main thesis that it was an accident

The teenager was later arrested and is in custody at the Hennepin County, Minnesota Juvenile Detention Center, police said while the investigation is ongoing.

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