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5-year-old Nicaraguan boy arrived at the immigration station to look for his father in Mexico

The minor found his father at the Nuevo León immigration station.

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An immigrant child of Nicaraguan origin he was able to meet his dad again, with whom he had left his native country, heading to the United States, but on his journey through Mexico, something happened that they separated, but he finally found him in one of the offices of the Migration’s national institute (INM).

It was the immigration authorities of Mexico themselves, who reported the reunion between the under-five-year-old with his father, of which their names were omitted.

They traveled in different vehicles

“Before being separated, both, of Nicaraguan nationality and with irregular immigration status, went through an immigration inspection in the city of Escobedo, Nuevo León”, highlights the INM statement.

It should be noted that the father of the child under five was identified by the elements of the National Guard (GN) in a redila truck, while the little one was transported by some “polleros”, in a different car.

So at first, the immigration authorities were unaware of the relationship between the Nicaraguan man and the minor.

When the father was admitted to the headquarters of the INM in Nuevo León, she never mentioned that her young son was traveling in another unit.

It is unknown so far, because the father was not traveling with his son.

The boy went to look for his father at the Nuevo León immigration station

“The infant appeared at the INM representative office in Nuevo León”, the immigration authorities highlighted.

“The minor got out of a taxi, whose driver – who he said he did not know – assured him that he would find his father there,” the statement said.

Although it does not clarify how the minor was traveling alone and boarded the taxi to get to the immigration station.

When the child entered the INM headquarters, he was immediately assisted by personnel from the Child Protection and Attention to Vulnerable Groups Officer (OPI).

OPI staff took the minor’s data and with them they were able to locate the father at the Migratory Station of the municipality of Guadalupe.

Father and son meet again

After the immigration authorities confirmed the relationship of the minor with the insured adult in Guadalupe, the father and son were reunited.

“Upon being interviewed by elements of the entity’s Attorney General’s Office and learning of the existence of a child who was looking for him, the father acknowledged that, for fear that something would happen to him, he did not mention that he was in another car“, Indicates the INM.

The man did not comment on when he left his native Nicaragua with his son, in search of the so-called American dream.

Now that he is together, father and son were transferred to a stay at the System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) in the northern state of Nuevo León.

There they remained under his guardianship, guidance and accommodation as part of the legal procedures while their legal situation in Mexico is resolved.

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