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57% of Britons think Harry and Meghan have caused severe damage to the monarchy


More than half the population believes that the Dukes of Sussex should be stripped of all royal titles

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  • Dukes of Sussex The endorsement and fascination for Meghan and Harry in America
  • UK The Queen of England is “concerned” by Harry and Meghan’s revelations about racism

57% of British people think that Harry and Meghan’s interview on CBS has caused severe damage to the monarchy, compared to 27% who think it will not have a big impact, according to a survey by JL Partners for ‘The Daily Mail ‘. 51% think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be stripped of all titles royals and 49% even believe that Prince Harry (currently sixth in line of succession) should be left off the list of contenders for the throne.

The survey, conducted ‘online’ among 1,056 Britons, reveals the very different perception of the interview on each side of the Atlantic. While the Americans extol the courage of the couple to denounce racism in the royal family, the British close ranks and they mostly claim that the couple was not a victim of racism in the palace (41% to 34%) or in the country (44% to 37%).

However, the survey curiously leaves out the opinion of citizens about the treatment of the press. ‘The Daily Mail’, which was taken to court by Harry and Meghan, has closed ranks with most tabloids in defense of the royal family. Labor Holly Lynch has taken advantage of the impact of the interview to reactivate its campaign, supported by 72 deputies, against the harassment of the press against public persons.

Meanwhile, 62% of Britons estimate that the Sussexes gave Oprah the interview precisely to get “media attention.” 53% think that their decision was “wrong” and 54% believe that the chosen moment (with Philip of Edinburgh convalescing in hospital) was the worst possible.

The sympathy aroused in the United States by Meghan after the interview contrasts with the growing disdain of the British for the American wife of Prince Harry, who drops to penultimate place in popularity ranking of the royal family with -8%, ahead only of the Prncipe Andrs (-73%). Interestingly, Harry (+ 14%) continues to score ahead of his father on prince charles (+ 11%) and his wife Camila (+ 5%).

The Queen Isabel II (+ 62%), the prncipe William (+ 62%) and Kate Middleton (+ 56%) occupy the podium of the royal family. 54% believe that the monarch has been “disappointed” by his favorite grandson. 29% of British people think by now that the monarchy should be abolished, compared to 50% who say no (a slight rise of just four points in anti-monarchy sentiment).

The poll reflects an acknowledgment that the royal family has fared considerably worse (49%) than Harry and Meghan (37%) in the media war in recent weeks. 61% of British people are in favor of both parties signing a truce at this point.

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