Wednesday, May 25

59 more deaths and 3,495 new cases of coronavirus in 24 hours

Health workers perform PCR tests.

Health workers perform PCR tests.

A new black day in the province. The death toll from coronavirus In the last 24 hours it increased again this Tuesday, reaching the highest of the entire pandemic: 59 people lost their lives, According to the data updated this Tuesday by the Ministry of Health. Deaths also mark a new record in the Valencian Community with 106 from Monday to Tuesday.

The Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, was in charge of updating the day’s data in an appearance in which, regarding the number of deaths, He indicated that “hopefully we won’t get used to these numbers because there are people behind them.” Added to the figures for Alicante are those for Valencia and Castellón, where 39 and 8 deaths were registered respectively in one day. Barceló added that the increase in the figure could be due to the fact that “we are on Tuesday and all the deaths of the weekend that are now reported by Public Health may be communicating.” In fact, when data are updated by municipalities twice a week, the Ministry reports the figures two days late in this case. Since the start of the health crisis in March of last year, they have died 1,805 people in Alicante. The total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the Community is 4,963 people, 593 in the province of Castellón and 2,565 in that of Valencia, in addition to those registered in the province of Alicante.

Regarding the positives, Health reported 3,495 new cases confirmed by PCR test or through antigen testing since the last update in the province. This figure is slightly lower than that of a day before when the 4,000 positives were again touched in Alicante, specifically, 3,961, although they are still the highest data for more than 10 months. In the Community, 8,095 new cases confirmed by PCR or antigen testing have been reported since Monday; of them, in addition to Alicante, there are 3,969 more in the province of Valencia and 631 in that of Castellón. Since March 2020, the Valencian Community has registered a total of 324,773 positives. By provinces, 33,219 in Castellón, 121,181 in Alicante and 170,311 in Valencia. In addition, the total number of unassigned cases stands at 62. On the other hand, this slight decrease in the number of positives in recent days could mean that the infection curve “is on a plateau.” This was indicated by the councilor who pointed out that “a slight number of decreases remain” for several days. Even so, she was cautious and added that “you can go down little by little but you go up very quickly” in the number of cases.

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As good news, registrations have increased with 7,978 new in the Community, 3,345 of them in Alicante. A circumstance that, according to Barceló, favors that the healthcare pressure in hospitals has dropped a bit. In this way, there are already 260,867 people in the Valencian Community who have overcome the disease since the pandemic began. By province, registrations are distributed as follows: 27,087 in Castellón, 93,933 in Alicante and 139,766 in Valencia, in addition to 81 not assigned. According to the registered data, there are currently 70,431 active cases, which represents 20.95% of the total positives.

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