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6 food myths about weight gain

When it comes to lose weight There are all kinds of recommendations, if we add to this that every day we have more information about it, we can fall into many errors. That is why when it comes to control weight, follow each tip or trick can make everything difficult and above all end in a weight gain that many times we consider inexplicable.

The lesson of the year is not blindly believing in all the information we have at our fingertips and give ourselves the task of making our own research, especially when it comes to taking care of our health, preventing chronic diseases and of course finding the best methods to lose weight. Although you may not believe it many times the secret to lose weight It is not based so much on what we should do, rather what we should stop doing. Known 6 of the most popular myths About weight gain, you have surely fallen into several.

1. You usually get rid of the yolk of the egg

One of the main beliefs around egg consumption is eat only the whites, largely because of its low calorie content. It is one of the biggest myths about the egg, in principle you will be losing half of proteins of high biological value that are related to great benefits for health and weight loss. And worst of all is that you are saying goodbye to the great richness nourishesl they contribute the yolk, since they are rich in fatty acids and micronutrients important, such as the selenium and the vitamins of group B. Another of the main myths around the consumption of the buds is related to their cholesterol contentHowever, it is time to clarify once and for all that has no negative impact in cholesterol levels in the blood. In fact it has A study from the Wake Forest University, in which they found that there is no link between heart disease and the consumption of eggs. One more reason to say yes, to the consumption of yolks.

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2. You eat too much protein

One of the main rules for healthier living and losing weight It is based on following a healthy and balanced diet, especially being moderate and cautious with harmful substances for health as el sugar, saturated fat, refined flours, and sodium. However, and even if you don’t believe it, the same thing happens with healthy food, such is the particular case of proteins. In recent months everyone has talked about their huge benefits to promote weight loss and they have been proven to be a great ally, largely due to their great nutritional and satiating power. However it is vitally important do not consume them in excessas it does not increase muscle mass and is stored as fat. In fact, there is an interesting study published by Clinical Nutrition, in which found that those people who dieting high in protein they have a 66% higher risk of dying than those who eat less protein. With this in mind, consider that the body can only handle around 30 grams of protein at most in a single meal.

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3. You only drink water

We all know maintain adequate hydration It’s one of the eating habitss most important for promote weight loss and good health, the queen to achieve it will always be natural water. Although it is essential to guarantee its consumption throughout the day, it is important supplement it with other natural drinks that shine for their therapeutic properties. Such is the case with options like green tea and coffee, What are they antioxidant loaded drinks what benefit and accelerate the metabolism, this thanks to its content in theine and caffeine.

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4. You go to sleep on an empty stomach

exist many myths around the cena, the hours and the foods consumed at night, based on this the belief has arisen that indicates that it is better not to have dinner; however it is completely a myth. This does not mean that it is advisable to have french fries and a hamburger or a liter of ice cream, the truth is that there are references that indicate that go to sleep hungry Is associated with decrease in blood sugar levels and cause a restless night. What happens when you sleep hungry is that it will not only manifest itself through all kinds of cravings for carbohydrates and sugars the next day, considering a light cooler at night is vital to help keep blood sugar levels stable and it is key for the hormone responsible for burning fat “Glucagon” can do your job. Nutrition specialists recommend considering a mini meal before bed, which includes carbohydrates and fats, for example a tangerine and 1/4 cup of macadamia nuts.

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5. You choose to cook with sea salt

It is well known that the excessive salt intake results in delicate health conditions, which affect the cardiovascular system, blood pressure and are derived in the fluid retention. If we add to this that we are not used to selecting the right type of salt, we run more risks. The truth is that we have been led to believe that sea or sea salt is the healthier option, in the first place it is the most expensive options and it is a type of salt that is obtained of evaporated ocean water, while the other type is extracted. Another aspect to consider is that magnesium and iron in sea salt they are only harmful if consumed in dangerously high amounts, or if both variations contain the same 2,300 milligrams of sodium per teaspoon. So the recommendation is save money and opt for traditional salt, it is rich in iodine what is essential for thyroid gland works properly and is of great help in avoiding weight gain. Remember that with any type of salt, it is essential to have be very cautious and consume as little as possible.

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6. You choose low-fat products

We have all resorted to consuming low-fat products considering them the best option to take care of health and body weight. We have news for you, reduce fat intake it is not the key to losing weight and enjoying better health. Although it is true that it is essential to avoid the consumption of trans and saturated fats, since they are related to a higher risk of suffering obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The healthy fats are very important, such is the case of whole products and what happens with products labeled as low fat, reduced fat or fat free, is that the food industry usually compensates for this fat loss adding carbohydrates and salt. In fact there is a study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in which it was found that people who consume high-fat dairy products were less likely to have diabetes.

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