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6 foods nutritionists hate, because they deteriorate health and increase body weight

Today follow a healthy nutrition is the foundation of any trend focused on Health wellness and of course in the weightloss. In such a way that in recent months, all kinds of recommendations have come to light about best super-foods, which shine for their nutrient density and medicinal power. Integrating them into the daily diet is basic medical recommendation, today we know that the offer of healthy and therapeutic products is sufficient, and we have been able to learn about the importance of consume them as much as we can and with the higher frequency possible.

But as in everything there is always a counterpart, in such a way that renowned nutritionists from around the world agree that just as we have within our reach whole-grain foods and season which are wonderful for health; there are others that are so bad what to call them “foods” results incorrect and misleading. We invite you to know the 6 most harmful and worrying foods to health.

1. Any product based primarily on sugar

It’s simple, some food they are just bad and it is important to classify them as such, let’s stop finding justifications. Without a doubt number one on the list of most dangerous foods for health, is the added sugar. Consuming large amounts of sugar is related to the obesity, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation and mental health problems. It has numerous scientific references that endorse its devastating effects on the body, among the most prominent negative factors and that makes sugar much worse; is that it is highly addictive. It is so addictive that it should be regulated by the FDA, however sugar has become a routine addition in the food industry, even in foods classified as “Healthy” and, it often comes with “aliases” such as:

  • Fructose
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Saccharose
  • Beet sugar
  • Coconut sugar
  • Dextrose
  • Maltodextrin

The substances mentioned above are the more typical forms in which it usually manifests added sugar, a good recommendation is to avoid at all costs products that contain any of these components among the first ingredients in a nutrition facts label. It will just be better to say “no.”

Dulces./Foto: Pixabay

2. All soft drinks

Exists a rule recommended by various nutritionists and based on promote good balance between healthy and unhealthy foods, especially in people who love some harmful products to health. Is about the 80-20 rule, which allows you to enjoy some “bad” foods as long as he 80% of the diet come from healthy sources. In a specific way, soft drinks are one of the main tastes that many people want to keep, however it is very important to emphasize that they are drinks that do not have no nutritional merit. In general all sodas are despicable and they will never relate to positive aspects, however those who come in bright colors they attract the attention of nutritionists in a special way. Not only are loaded with sugar or chemical sugar substitutes, which are related to metabolic problems, but also get their intense tones of the artificial colors, which have come to be related to neurological problems.As if that were not enough his excessive consumption is related to all kinds of chronic health conditionsd, from dental problems, overweight, obesity, digestive, cardiovascular, liver, kidney problems and more.

Colored soft drinks./Photo: Pxhere

3. Flavored creams for coffee

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, It’s one of the natural stimulants most consumed and when consumed in correct proportions and shapes offers big benefits to health. However we have a bad news for you: If you usually add flavored creams to your morning coffee and the one you consume throughout the day, you are getting rid of all the therapeutic properties and the powerful antioxidants found naturally in coffee. The coffee creamers is it so full of fake ingredients What do they do much more damage of the flavor that they can bring. To be more specific we are talking about trans fats, artificial sweeteners, carrageenan and artificial colorsTherefore, over time, it is possible that its consumption will lead to negative consequences such as: levels of dangerously high LDL cholesterols and a increased risk of cardiovascular disease, they also cause a significant weight gain. If you can’t resist this delicious creamy touch, a good recommendation is add half milk and half cream, and of course not every day. You can also choose to add natural flavors in coffee, certain spices like cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and cardamom, they go great.

Coffee cream
Coffee crema. / Photo: Pixabay

4. French fries, of any kind

Yes we know, French fries are certainly irresistibleThey are a very accessible snack and it is difficult to eat just one. The problem with potato chips, is that despite being made with potatoes due to their fried way of preparation, they provide a content of negligible fiber and lots Trans fat. When it comes to French fries they don’t exist better or worse options since it is about products highly processed; without a doubt what is deadly is the combination of fat and salt … In particular these two factors combine to stimulate addiction center of the brain providing sensations of pleasure. Of In fact, it has a relevant study, in which it is verified that the potato chips are part of the most addictive and harmful foods. While eating them from time to time is a great guilty pleasure, never make them part of your daily diet or you will suffer serious consequences.

Potato chips
Fried porridge. / Photo: Pixabay

5. Microwave patties

These little delicacies conveniently packaged, relatively tasty and above all very easy to consume, they are full of fat, sodium, processed meats, and processed cheeses. What happens with these foods is that they are completely processed, null in nutritional intake and with a considerable caloric intake that deteriorates health. For example: an empanada filled with of sausage, egg and cheese provides 280 calories. In addition, they stand out for being having a high in saturated fat (8 grams), they are also products with a high carbohydrate intake (41 grams). In summary: there is nothing that can be redeemed in these frozen fat bombs, to such a degree that they are part of the list of worst foods in America.

Empanadas. / Photo: La Nación.

6. Pre-baked sweet cakes

We cannot lie: there is nothing more delicious than a Pop-Tart fresh from the toaster, if we add to this his wide range of flavors, it is very easy to get addicted. However, they are also on the list of the worst foods on the planet, the truth is that lPop-tarts taste so good because they are designed that way: all that sugar, high fructose corn syrup, fat and sodium a delicious sandwich that illuminates the body’s pleasure center and always makes we want more and more. Including their packaging go completely against health: With two pieces in a package, what are the odds that you will only eat one? Impossible, opening a package means eating everything. So the result is a completely caloric food, without nutrients, highly addictive, rich in sugars and harmful fats, and that is related to all kinds of general well-being conditions. Of course eat them in excessNot only will you be the main person responsible for those extra kilos; are foods that are very harmful to heart health and brain function.

Pop Tarts
Pop Tarts. /Foto: Pixabay

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