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6 green juices with apple to burn fat and satisfy your appetite

Green juices not only help you burn fat, they also offer you a considerable amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs. Green juice that includes apples it will be appropriate to burn fat and satisfy your appetite.

1. Celery, apple, spinach and parsley drink

You should also include lemon and ginger. With these add-ons, it is a refreshing drink. The ingredients that you should use are: 2 apples, 1 cucumber and a stalk of celery. You will also need fresh ginger, a handful of parsley, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Lastly, a handful of spinach.

Before liquefying you must wash all the vegetables well and try to drain well. Now, you must cut the apple and remove the core. Grate a little ginger, according to your taste. Next, you need to cut the celery into small slices. You should do the same with the cucumber.

Put everything in the blender and let everything blend until the drink is thick and homogeneous. East green juice to burn fat you can drink it in the morning or in the afternoon, as a snack.

green juice
Whether for breakfast or a snack, a green juice will provide you with multiple benefits. Photo: Pixabay

2. Cucumber, chard and green apple

You will need 1 cucumber, the amount of chard you want to put, 1 green apple and half a glass of water.

You must wash the apple, as well as the other ingredients. Remove the seeds that you have and cut it into pieces. Cut the chard and cucumber into small pieces. This way it is possible that everything is liquefied more easily. Blend all the ingredients until smooth, and serve.

3. Apple and kiwi juice

To prepare this smoothie you will need 1 green apple and 2 kiwis, as well as half a lemon and half a liter of water.

You must peel the apple, split it in half and remove the core, then you must chop it. With the kiwi you should do something similar: peel and chop. Put everything in the blender, add the lemon and water, and let it blend until it is ready. Strain to remove the seeds from the kiwi.

4. Green apple and spinach juice

You will need 2 cups of spinach, half a cucumber, and half an apple. In addition to the juice of a lemon and 150 milliliters of water.

You must wash the spinach well. Peel and wash the cucumber and remove its seeds. You should do the same with the apple. Mix everything in the blender, and wait for the mixture to be homogeneous.

5. Cress, cucumber and apple juice

For this drink you will need 1 bunch of watercress, 1 green apple, 1 cucumber and 1 lemon. Wash all the ingredients very well. Slice the cucumber and apple, without removing the shell. Chop the watercress and squeeze the juice from the lemon. Blend and serve.

6. Carrot, cucumber, apple and pineapple juice

For this mixture you will need at least 2 carrots, 1 cucumber and 5 branches of parsley; 1 green apple and at least 2 pineapple slices. Use 1 liter of water.

You must clean and peel all the ingredients well. Chop into not very thick pieces and proceed to blend. These drinks are just a few of many that you can drink to lose weight. But remember to follow a diet that also protect your digestive system.

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