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6 little-known causes that trigger spring allergies

Spring allergies have already started, and they often last into the summer. Did you know that there are allergy triggers to avoid?

Seasonal allergies are usually caused by something floating in the air. In the case of spring, it is the pollenbut also dust, pet hair, and other allergens.

There are foods, products and appliances that are called allergy triggersbecause increase negative effects of allergy in allergy sufferersmainly sneezing and itchy eyes.

Let’s take a look at 6 allergy triggers revealed by the medical website ActiveBeat, which are not well known, especially by people who do not have allergies.

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exist causes that cause allergies that everyone knows, for example flowersvegetation in general in spring, or pet hair.

But today there are others that are not so obvious, and perhaps they are causing you problems without you realizing it.

stress and anxiety

Stress does not cause allergies, but it does weakens the defenses that protect against the effects of allergens.

In other words, if you are allergic and stressed you will sneeze and your eyes and nose will itch more often.

ceiling fans

Although inside the house you are more protected from pollen, it is inevitable that some will enter through the windows and ventilation ducts. And there is also dust.

An ceiling fan spreads dust, pollen, and other allergies that float in the air, throughout the room. Try not to wear them in spring.


According to a study from Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital, some people with pollen allergies often react to pollen on the skin, and even inside fruitsproducing itchy throats when consumed.

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In these cases it is necessary peel it before consuming it, or even cook it.

6 foods that reduce the effects of spring allergies

6 foods that reduce the effects of spring allergies

The wine

Swedish researchers have linked the consumption of alcohol in general, and wine in particular, with worsening of asthma and hay fever.

It’s not that alcohol causes allergies, but it does dilates blood vessels in the nose and sinuses. If you have allergies this will make you sneeze more and increase your runny nose.

Lacquers and hair products

Normally these products do not cause allergies but… they make the pollen stick to the hair. And if you carry pollen near your nose and eyes all day, you know the consequences…

New York University recommends wash your hair every day in spring if you are allergic, and not use products.


Do you wake up in the morning with allergy symptoms? It is likely that your pillow or sheets have collected pollen coming from your clothes or hair.

if you are allergic wash your hair before you go to sleep. Don’t wear your house clothes as pajamas.and wash the sheets and pillowcase every week.

They are simple tips to follow and if you avoid these causes, the allergy will be more bearable. Luck!

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