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6 Movies for Book Lovers That Star Readers or Set in Libraries

Books have inspired Hollywood since the industry began. Many of the first cinema successes were adaptations of literary classics. like those of Disney or great movies like Dracula or Frankenstein.

However, over the years, the genre has expanded to include not only adaptationsbut films centered on books, bookstores and characters who are passionate about readingwhich in this report we are going to show you.

We have compiled a list of six films for book lovers. Some are about readers, some are about writers, and some are just great movies that revolve around reading and how it transforms them.

If you like series like Friends, The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, HBO Max has these and many more in its catalog.

If you’re a library buff and want to spend an afternoon at the movies in your comfortable home, we’ve got you covered.

6 movies for book lovers:

The Book Thief (2012)

Set during World War II in Germany. This film, based on the moving and successful novel by Markus Zusak, tells the story of Liesel Meminger (Sophie Nélisse), a foster girl who lives on the outskirts of Munich.

Liesel is eking out a living stealing when she finds something she can’t resist: books. With the help of his adoptive father, who plays the accordion, he learns to read and shares his stolen books with his neighbors during the bombing.

Our protagonist will begin to love the books, and will even rescue one from a Nazi bonfire. Although Liesel’s new family is barely getting by, their situation becomes even more precarious when they secretly take in a Jewish boy.

This 2013 movie is available on Disney +, we leave you the link.

The Bookstore (2017)

Based on the novel of the same name by Penelope Fitzgerald, The Bookstore is a period piece full of books. It is directed by Isabel Coixet and He has received several awards for his swords: 3 Goya Awards, including Best Film and Director and 2 Gaudí Awards.

Set in the 1950s, widowed Florence Green (Emily Mortimer) is a bibliophile in every sense of the word. But when she moves to the small seaside town of Hardborough, England, to set up a bookstore, it becomes clear that her passion is not shared. an influential member of the town proposes to close the store.

This is where the big problem lies, since Florence has to show the community how magical reading can be, and it’s not easy for her.

You have it available on Netflix, so let yourself be immersed in this beautiful film.


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The Dead Poets Club (1989)

In this iconic 1989 film, an incredible Robin Williams plays a new English teacher, John Keating, who is introduced to an all-male preparatory school known for its age-old traditions and high standards.

He will use unorthodox methods to reach his students, who face enormous pressure from their parents and the school.. With Keating’s help, students like Neil Perry, Todd Anderson and many others will learn to come out of their shells, pursue their dreams and seize the life they have (carpe diem at its best).

John Keating is and will continue to be the teacher we all want to have: inspiring, nonconformist, free thinker, and someone to learn from. We note that the film It won an Oscar for best original screenplay.

Nottinghill (1999)

Notting Hill is a classic romantic comedy from the 90s full of bookish charm. We meet William Thacker (Hugh Grant), a failed owner of a quaint travel bookstore in the center of London’s Notting Hill neighborhood.

Divorced and living with a strange but loyal roommate, it’s clear that Will is lacking in the love department. But His life changes when Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), Hollywood’s biggest celebrity, walks into his store one day. After buying a book on how to make a dinner plate, the two find themselves immersed in a cupid’s arrow-style romance.

As the months go by, Anna and William get to know each other better, but being together with the most wanted woman in the world is not easy, neither close to her closest friends, nor in front of the press that devours her. Despite all this, a romance will slowly blossom while everyone in general wonders what a simple bookseller is doing dating a movie star.

It is available on Netflix for a perfect romantic Sunday afternoon alone or with others.

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The Hours (2002)

This film is about three women who each suffer from depression in their own way. On one hand we have Virginia Woolf (Nicole Kidman), who is beginning to write her book “Mrs. Dalloway” in 1923 England. She is coming to terms with her sexuality and fighting her sheer desperation for life.

On the other we have Laura Brown (Julianne Moore), a mother who fears becoming a mother again. She is precisely reading “Mrs. Dalloway” in 1951 in Los Angeles, California. Laura, very pregnant, thinks that she will not be a suitable mother for her son and her current baby on the way in a few months, so she must make the decision to run away from everything or live miserably with her happy husband. .

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Finally we have Clarissa Vaughan (Meryl Streep) an editor living in present-day New York in 2001. Her nickname, given by her poet friend, Richard (Ed Harris), who is dying of AIDS, is “Mrs. Dalloway”. Like Virginia Woolf, Clarissa also likes women, but she also wonders if she is in love with Richard, with whom she once had a romantic relationship.

All the stories at the end are framed in the same point: wonder if it is better to live your life for your own happiness or that of others.

It is available on HBO Max.

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Matilda (1996)

Finally we find this jewel of cinema, who has not seen it once or several times in his life.

It is neither more nor less than Matilda, a film adaptation of a work by Roald Dahlwhich tells the story of Matilda Wormwood (Mara Wilson), a gifted girl who is forced to live with a rude and distant father (Danny DeVito) and a mother cut from the same pattern (Rhea Perlman).

However, the problems do not end here, since it turns out that the villain of this film is located in the school in the form of a director. Agatha Trunchbull (Pam Ferris), is going to make life miserable for Matilda and all the kids at school.

Nevertheless, Matilda will realize that she has the power of telekinesis. After a few days of practice, our protagonist turns the situation around and begins to defend her friends from Trunchbull’s wrath and fight against her unfriendly parents.

This movie, despite its age, is fully available on Netflix, for everyone’s enjoyment.

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