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6-Step Morning Routine to Improve Your Mood

Starting the day properly is a major boost to our mental health. A good way to start the day is with positive thoughts, and if this is complemented by other actions, it is quite certain that we will motivate ourselves early.

With the following 6-step routine, the chances that you will face the day with the best psychological disposition will increase, which will undoubtedly influence you to take the day-to-day problems on the good side and be full of positive energy.

1. Meditate in silence

Starting the day with a little meditation is a bit unnatural at first, but its usefulness is proven by those who have this habit. For some, the body truly awakens when meditating, which would allow him to face the day with the best disposition.

Meditating would allow us to process the night before and to check how we got up. It would be a way to start the day with mental clarity and to be fresh on the physical and mental plane, free of the burden that the previous day could suppose.

meditate upon awakening
Meditation upon awakening will allow us to start the day with mental clarity. Photo: Shutterstock

2. Make affirmations

Making positive affirmations could fill us with optimism and encouragement before facing the day. Phrases such as “today I will run more”, “today I will be more efficient at work”, “today I will have a great day” could be a necessary positive boost for your day.

Although it is preferable to vociferate these affirmations, you can also have them in your head after meditation, which is another way to mentalize ourselves.

3. Visualizations

Visualizing ourselves at the end of the day or at another point in time having accomplished one of our objectives will fill us with enough courage to accomplish it. The key is to visualize a scenario in order to act in that direction.

4. Write

Writing on paper has always been an excellent way to vent and unload everything that accumulates in us, be it good or bad.

In this routine, this is a fundamental step insofar as it separates us from negative things, but also leads us to express and establish the goals, desires and objectives that we want to achieve On the day that we will soon begin

5. Read

Reading fills the body with inspiration, positive thoughts, and encouragement. In this routine, it is preferable to have a self-help book on hand that brings us closer to optimistic content and that they empower us in order to give our best.

6. Exercise physically

Exercise physically promotes the release of hormones that positively affect our mood, which is the culmination of the routine and practically a guarantee that we will start the day on the right foot.

Together, all of these steps take 40-50 minutes to complete. The duration that the routine has for you will be subject to the time it takes you to perform each step, it being quite likely that you will extend yourself in some more than others by personal preference.

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