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6 tips to drive your car so you don’t waste gas too much

Some tips can help you make better use of the fuel in your car.

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One of the most important expenses is that of gasoline. Therefore, you should pay special attention so that an important part of your salary does not go away just for this.

Here are some tips so you don’t spend so much gas.

1 – Accelerate slowly

Sharp acceleration can cause you to consume more fuel. Keep in mind that doing this will get you nowhere faster and can wear out your car. Therefore, it is best to accelerate slowly, and fast unless necessary for safety reasons.

2 – Keep your tires properly inflated

One of the oldest pieces of advice, but also one of the most ignored. Proper tire inflation reduces rolling resistance and improves handling, which translates into lower fuel consumption. You can get any type of air pump for your car or home that allows you to check your tire pressure once a month.

Also align your wheels, as if they are misaligned, they will create persistent drag that will constantly strain the engine.

3 – Use the air conditioning properly

If you’re driving below 45 MPH, it’s best to roll your windows down and turn off the air conditioning. Above 45 MPH, you should do the opposite.

Obviously, this all depends on how intense the weather is, but you should know that air conditioning is one of the main factors that consume fuel in hot climates.

4 – Don’t buy Premium petrol

Unless your car requires or recommends it, you shouldn’t put premium fuel in your tank. A car must be mechanically and electronically designed to take advantage of premium fuel properly. If it is not built like this, it will not use this gasoline.

In other words, your car will not necessarily take advantage of this type of fuel just by putting it in its tank.

5 – Use the right oil

You should not use light or heavy oil, but oil with the viscosity approved by the manufacturer of your car. You may be tempted to use a heavier oil as your car goes over 75,000 miles, but don’t do so unless you know that the lower end of your engine is badly worn, as recommended by CNET.

Additionally, heavier oils can increase internal engine friction and waste gases.

6 – Do not heat your car for a long time

Keep in mind that prolonged warm-ups waste more fuel. The advice is to start your car, then buckle up, and then hit the road. You really wouldn’t need more time to warm up the engine in normal weather.

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