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6 tricks to cut your hair from home

It’s without doubt that people who cut their hair outside the home have been black because of the quarantine, as indicated Stylist. Because of this, many people have had to take matters into their own hands and cut their hair, which doesn’t always go well.

Next, you will find 6 very useful tips when cutting your own hair yourself. As you apply them, your efforts are likely to yield better and better results.

1. Cut in layers

Cepilla tu hair and then hold it all together, preferably in a ponytail so that it does not move. The lower the ponytail, the longer the layers will be, and the higher the ponytail, the shorter they will be.

The lower part of the hair is usually much longer than the upper part, so you may need to trim it if you want a very high cut so that it is even. After pulling the hair up and seeing that it is even, pull down and cut straight.

However, if you cut in one direction instead of straight, your hair may look better as it grows.

2. Cut straight

Cutting straight is perhaps the easiest way to cut hair while at home. You only need moisten it, divide it in two, hold it below the chin and choose the length you want.

3. Make a small cut

Divide your hair in 2 sections, and pull the sections over the shoulders and place hair ties just above the length you want. If you want a bob hairstyle, you need to cut it straight.

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After, gather the hair in a long ponytail and cut the end of it only you want to eliminate the V shape at the back. If you do not want, skip this step and trim the ends and any strangely long strands.

A very common cut to make is the short bob style. Source: Shutterstock

4. Try shaved bangs

You only need to part a section of your hair towards the front, part it in half and cut each half diagonally in the opposite direction.

5. Make straight bangs

Another way to make a fringe at home is to divide a section of your hair and bring it to the front, then curl and cut in a straight line. Then you just have to trim the longest strands.

6. Cut the ends

If you want to cut the split ends, you can simply do the following:

Take a section of your hair, toTear your fingers through your hair and cut off the dead ends. Slowly slide the ends through the hair and cut the split ends that come out. Finally, cShorten the tips that come out while cutting all your hair.

You can also choose to address only the ends of your hair and wait for the optimal time to go to a barbershop where they can cut your hair properly, but this depends on the situation of each one and their locality.

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