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6 tricks to follow the Mediterranean Diet on a budget

The proposal of the Mediterranean diet It is interesting, as it encourages you to eat fresh, natural foods that are typical of local agriculture in countries with a Mediterranean climate. However, many people may find this diet very expensive.

The Mediterranean diet is highly recommended due to the benefits it provides for heart health, diabetes control and weight loss, as stated on the web Better Homes and Gardners. Next, we will give you some useful recommendations to adapt this diet to your country and your pocket.

1. Buy products of the season

One way to lower costs is acquiring the products of the season. It is cheaper to buy them during their production season than another. So it would be good if you start planning your meals according to the vegetables and greens available.

Another way to reduce expenses is buy from local producers and sellers. It’s a great way to help local vendors buy fresh, low-cost food.

2. Opt for legumes

Meat and fish are the usual protein source in the Mediterranean diet, but can sometimes be expensive. However, this diet should not depend on fish as a source of protein.

Legumes and beans contain protein and are much cheaper compared to meats and fish. In addition, if you take advantage of the purchase of beans by bags, you can save more money.

3. Plant your own spices

Many times you want to make a recipe, but it turns out that you are missing an ingredient and buying it can throw off your budget. Well, a good option is to plant them in your garden or balcony.

Even if you don’t have one, you can make it in suitable containers for it. Best of all, you will have fresh spices at your fingertips.

aromatic herbs
Planting your spices at home or using dehydration techniques will allow you to always have them on hand. Photo: Shutterstock

4. Take advantage of canned food

It is true that you have to be careful with canned food, but in this case it can be your best ally. Canned or frozen vegetables and beans are profitable when the vegetables you need are out of season.

On the other hand, canned salmon and tuna are also inexpensive and easier to prepare. In addition, you will get the necessary portions to take care of the health of your heart.

5. Plan the menu

To make your food more efficient and not spend extra money buying it again, the best thing you can do is plan your meal for the whole week. This will also help you to know what resources you have and count what you must replace and you will not buy things that you do not really need.

6. Take advantage of the remains

A tendency of many people is to throw away the remaining food. Doing so is a real waste. Instead, it is best to take what is left of the food and refrigerate it.

In this way, you will not have to be cooking all the time, much less spending extra money on something that you can take from your refrigerator.

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