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6 ways apples help you lose weight

6 ways apples help you lose weight

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Few foods compare to The apples. Well the popular saying goes “An apple a day from the doctor will free you” and it’s all true, apples are one complex nutritional and medicinal formula. Without a doubt, they are one of the most popular and consumed fruits in the world, highly accessible, versatile and easy to consume.

It is believed that apples could easily be classified as the national fruit From the United States, whether as a snack, table fruit or on a cake, there are always ways to enjoy and take advantage of juicy apples. Although the regular consumption of apples is a magnificent addition to the diet and is related to a long list of therapeutic properties, they attract attention for their benefits for accelerate weight loss. In fact it has A study in which the consumption of apples was compared with other foods (including other fruits, such as pears) and they found that apples stand out for helping people lose weight. Read on to discover the powerful slimming qualities of apples.

1. They are low in calories

It is well known that to achieve a optimal weight loss The first step is to ensure a calorie deficit, although there are other factors that play a role, this is one of the most important. Depending on the apple variant, their caloric content may vary: they can range from as little as 80 calories on a small Granny Smith, up to about 125 calories in a bigger honey crunch. However, there is no need to worry about choosing the lowest calorie variant, as they are all an excellent option for accelerate weight loss and enhance health in general. In fact, they are a great ally to replace the consumption of high-calorie snacks and thus we will be able to reduce the daily caloric consumption with a lot of nutrition. If you feel that the apple is not enough and you are left hungry, try combining them with a serving of protein or healthy fats. A good option is almond or peanut butter.

2. They are high in fiber

It is well known that fiber and weight loss go hand in hand. The good news is that the apple is one of the fruits with the highest content in a a type of fiber called pectin, each apple contains about 5 grams. A high fiber diet helps you lose weight in several ways, to begin with fiber is characterized by its powerful satiating effect and therefore plays an important role in appetite control and consuming them is of great help to Do not eat in excess. Additionally, the type of fiber contained in apples is of great help for speed up intestinal transit, promotes the increase of healthy intestinal bacteria and with this the metabolism is very positively boosted.

3. They contain a lot of water

It is well known that stay well hydrated It is one of the most important measures to maintain the optimal functioning of organs and systems, it is also a fundamental measure to lose weight more effectively. In fact it has A study, in which it is shown that greater hydration can contribute significantly to the weight and fat loss. Although it is essential to drink more than 2 liters of natural water per day, it is also important to supplement hydration with foods that shine for their water content, such as apples! For more detail, apples are not only rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, they contain approximately 86% water. The combination of their high water content and their great amount of soluble fiber makes them incredibly satiating and slimming.

4. They are a low glycemic index food

The concept of glycemic index (GI), is very useful mainly for people who have to control their blood sugar level. However, it can also be relevant in weight loss and is considered a useful tool. It is a scale of 0 to 100 that indicates how much a food raises blood glucose within two hours after consumption. The good news is that apples are considered a low GI food with a score between 32 and 38, depending on the type of apple. It is well known that low glycemic index foods are of great help in weight control, the main reason is that do not alter blood sugar levels, in fact they keep them stable as well as the appetite. On the contrary, those foods with a high glycemic index make blood sugar levels rise faster and this increases insulin secretion.

5. They are full of antioxidants

Apples contain powerful antioxidants, specifically one called quercithin which is associated with great benefits to reduce inflammation in the body. Although the simple fact of consuming anti-inflammatory foods is a great success for your health, it is also key to fight obesity and thereby benefit weight loss. Remember that inflammation is related to obesity because it can affect insulin resistance, which in a nutshell is the way our body uses insulin. Presenting this condition is related to a higher production of insulin, which makes us gain weight. The good news is that quercetin can alter the pro-inflammatory compounds in the body and therefore affect insulin resistance.

6. They are accessible and convenient

Nothing will ever be as easy as taking an apple from the fruit bowl and carrying it as healthy snack to enjoy throughout the day. The apple is one of the most convenient fruits for consume between meals and thus lose weight. In fact, various nutritionists confirm that lhe comfort is a key aspect of creating a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. So do not hesitate to have fresh apples on hand, it will always make you have a healthy option on hand.

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