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60% of those who suffer a fracture run the risk of becoming dependent

60% of the people who sufferWhen they have a fracture they become dependent people who cannot carry out their normal life and, after this, there is an 86% risk of suffering fractures again.

This has been shown by experts in osteoporosis that, This Wednesday, October 20, they have commemorated World Osteoporosis Day with a virtual meeting, in which they have claimed the need to “take care of your bones”, through the # 206razones initiative (one for each bone you have), carried out by the Hispanic Foundation for Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Diseases (FHOEMO), the Spanish Society for Bone Research and Mineral Metabolism (SEIOMM) and the association of AECOSAR patients.

The campaign, which has the support of the singer and actress Lolita Flores, aims to raise awareness about the importance of a disease that, due to the pandemic, has reduced the detection of cases by 40%. According to the study “SCOPE 2021: a new scorecard for osteoporosis in Europe”, almost 250,000 deaths a year in Europe are a direct consequence of hip or spine fractures.

For this reason, the president of FHOEMO, Santiago Palacios, has recognized that This disease affects more women (22.5%) than men (6.8%) over 50 years of age. Likewise, he has pointed out that only 40% of patients who suffer a fracture fully recover and have insisted that there is a mortality of 15.8% in the first year after the hip fracture.

However, he has clarified that the fracture that most worries the professions are vertebral “Because they go very unnoticed” and the patient does not notice the disease by not giving it the necessary importance. “It is an obligation for doctors to take care and prevent patients who suffer a first fracture from having another mishap,” he stressed.

For his part, the president of the SEIOMM, Manuel Naves, has stressed that the “fracture units” should be created, which are multidisciplinary teams made up of geriatricians, traumatologists, rehabilitators, nurses, Care, Primary, Medicine, Internal, rheumatologists , among others, which are aimed at people over 50 who have already suffered a first fracture.

The main objective of this group, according to Manuel Naves, is to identify the highest number of fragility fractures, since, at present, he has highlighted that between 70 and 80% of patients have a high risk of fractures they are not correctly identified.

“From SEIOMM we are firmly committed to the creation of these units. We have also spent years with a project that consists of making a series of scholarships that allow the hiring of a manager, who is a fundamental piece that will be in charge of coordinating the patient’s care process, managing the requirements for treatments and establishing a coordination model with communication and cooperation between the centers attached to the hospital so that the patient is evaluated in their health centers ”, he explained.

The role of the patient

The patient has more relevance every day in their therapies and treatments, but for this, good information is needed about the processes that are carried out. In this case, the president of AECOSAR, Josep Vergés, has carried out a study with osteoporosis patients to find out their assessments of the quality of life they have after a surgical operation.

Respondents have recognized that information about the disease is lacking and they miss more attention from professionals. “In the end when there is a fracture, the quality of life is quite bad. So, communication, information and care are very important issues that the patient should have ”, he stated.

In this context, Vergés has praised the work carried out by patient associations, since “they are a great opportunity to find the support that is demanded and that the health system sometimes cannot cover.”

Finally, the meeting had the testimony of Carmen Sánchez, a patient with osteoporosis, who has defended patients and associations, like Vergés, and has defended that information should be given importance “every day of the year ”.

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