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65 million euros in the province of Alicante

The draw for the Gordo de la Christmas lottery, the most popular in Spain since it began to be held in 1812 (Cádiz) has left a good “pinch” of millions in the province, specifically some 65 million euros thanks to the tenths of the second prize, 06.095, which he only left about 50 million euros in Pinoso -the great lucky one with 36.2 million-, Crevillent, Elda and Callosa de Segura. He was made to wait because he was one of the last to leave, at the edge of 1:30 p.m., but the owners of some of the 270 tickets distributed by the Paseo de la Constitución lottery administration flooded with joy.


The second prize of the Christmas Lottery leaves more than 50 million euros in the province of Alicante
Axel Alvarez

In Crevillent there were 80 tenths (10 million euros), in Elda another 50 (6.25 million), and another ten tenths in the administration of Calle Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados de Callosa de Segura or, what is the same, 1,250,000 euros.

Apart from the millions of the second prize, in Xàbia sold a tenth of the Fat (400,000 euros), the number 72,897 issued in the office of Santísimo Cristo del Mar street. An important pinch also hunted the administration of Calle Reyes Católicos in Alicante, which sold 85 series of the last fifth prize to come out, 43,831, which left 5.1 million of euros.

Another important amount fell in Novelda, thanks to the 500 tenths sold by the Association of Alzheimer’s Patients, who left in the population of Medio Vinalopó, punished by the marble crisis, a whopping 3.6 million to six thousand per tenth, two in the association, which good they are, according to Mayte, the treasurer.


The first fifth prize of the Christmas Lottery leaves more than 3.5 million euros in Novelda

In total, the 65 million euros that the province of Extraordinary Christmas raffle they mean “recovering” half of what we Alicante gambled on, close to the 133 million euros allocated to the province, of which 80% have been sold, at 72 euros per head, according to Onlae sources.

The most fortunate administrations were the Paseo de la Constitución in Pinoso; the one on Virgen del Pilar de Crevillent street, the one on Eduardo Dato de Elda street and the one located on Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados street in Callosa de Segura. No less than 80 tenths of the second prize of the Christmas Jackpot were sold in the Crevillent administration. One of the vendors claimed to be “in a cloud”, after indicating that the prize had been sold all through the window and was widely distributed. The administration of lottery number 4 is owned by some residents of Rafal, so a good part also came to the town of Vega Baja.


The second prize of the Lottery leaves 1.2 million in Callosa de Segura


The second prize of the Christmas Lottery leaves 10 million in Crevillent

The head of the “Jubama” administration of Xàbia, who sold the only number (72,897), graced with the Big Christmas Lottery in the province, Víctor Benlloch, was “excited.” And it is that this young establishment, opened three years ago, has already distributed in its short history, in addition to the Gordo, another of the EuroMillion valued at one million euros on February 14, 2019, and 100,000 euros from an extraordinary Lottery draw in 2018. Those responsible for the establishment, located on Santísimo Cristo del Mar street, expressed their “emotion”, and indicated that they had already contacted the lucky woman, a woman from Granada who has lived in Xàbia for years.

The Novelda Alzheimer’s Disease Association distributes 500 tenths of the 86,986, a fifth prize

The fact is that there was also some confusion around the number of tenths awarded with El Gordo in Xábia. Madrid contacted the administration officially communicating that the system awarded it the sale of a tenth of the Gordo in the machine where the rest of the draws are sealed. However, the winner with the winning number came to go through the administration assuring that she had four tenths of the so-called “blue receipt”. All in all, the office is in luck after the transfer taken by Victor. “We took over after an uncle of my wife gave it to us, who ran it for 52 years without giving a major award.”

Víctor Benlloch and Paula Berenguer have sold a tenth of the Fat in Xàbia

The municipalities awarded by the raffle that opens the door to Christmas were Pinoso, Torrevieja, Elda, San Vicente, Orihuela, Crevillent, Elda, Callosa de Segura, Novelda, Petrer, Villena, El Altet (Elche) and Alicante. In the capital, except for the 5.1 million from the administration of Reyes Católicos, thanks to the last fifth prize to come out, the rest of the winners, also with a fifth prize, the number 86,986, obtained the 6,000 euros in tenths acquired from machine in the San Blas neighborhood, in the Gran Vía shopping center, on Sevilla street and in a tobacconist on Avenida de la Estación.

Pinoso, Crevillent, Elda and Callosa de Segura «hunt» a part of the second prize that leaves fifty million

The same happened with that fifth prize – the earliest when it was sung at 9.17 am – in San Vicente, Elda, Torrevieja and Orihuela. Torrevieja also took a pinch in one of the most popular administrations, that of Carrefour, which also serves Orihuela-Costa. Ten tenths of the third prize (500,000 euros the series) and 60,000 euros of a fifth. In the province the Gordo de Navidad has played 26 times. Alicante on new occasions and Benidorm, where he passed by, with three, take the cake.


An administration of Torrevieja sells part of a third and a fifth prize of the Christmas Lottery

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