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7 exercises to do cardio at home and burn a lot of calories

Due to the current context of the pandemic, staying at home for long periods of time without making a minimum of physical effort negatively affects the health of our body. To minimize this consequence, do exercise at home is the best solution.

In Women’s Health They offer some cardio exercises that both men and women can do at home. These exercises can be tools that help us get rid of sedentary lifestyle and opt for a healthier lifestyle.

1. Plank-jacks

Cardio at home
That being at home does not prevent you from having the body you want. Source: Shutterstock

The plank-jacks are nothing more than the classic plates accompanied by an extra movement that consists of jump feet together while in plank position. This exercise should be performed for a period of between 30 and 60 seconds, in a session of 4 series with their respective breaks.

2. Side toe touches

Place a dumbbell or small object on the floor to mark your goal. Start with the right foot on top of it, trying to keep the weight on the left foot. Then quickly switch to your feet so that the left is on the target.

3. Skiers

These exercises test your strength, balance, and coordination. It basically consists of doing the same thing that professional skiers do. You must move from side to side in a position similar to how they do it during competitions.

4. Knees to chest with jump

Knee-to-chest jumps require a lot of lower-body power, so you will be able to work your muscles quickly and intensely. Between each jump you can add an intermediate jump to generate more momentum.

5. Plank with knee to chest

Cardio at home
It is advisable to keep the body moving to enjoy good physical health. Source: Pexels

Knee-weighted planks are a low-impact exercise, but they put your abdomen to work, which is ideal if you want to focus on that specific area of ​​your body. Remember to add other exercises so that the impact is greater.

6. Quick steps with fists

This is an exercise that encourages blood circulation throughout the body, which is perfect if we feel a little cold. It also helps improve overall coordination and dynamism while we put our whole body into action.

7. Cross climbers

Climbers can burn your obliques a little more if you add a little rotation in the movement. If you perform the exercise slowly and with control, you can increase its effects on the obliques.

The rate at which you perform these exercises depends on your physical condition and your own progress. Remember that you can and should increase the intensity as your body can with more physical work in order to continue progressing.

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