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7 games that will test your sense of rhythm and that you have to download right now on your Android

If you are looking for games that test your sense of rhythm, you have come to the right place, we have found 7 Android games that you should try right now.

throughout the last few weeks we have been collecting a huge amount of content from the Play Store. Among these contents there are both games designed for people who are the most fanatical of sports and for those who are looking for applications made so that in times of emergency people know how to act.

Among all this content there is also room for relaxed moments to the rhythm of the music, in fact, this compilation focuses on 7 games that will test your sense of rhythm. Come on, we have focused on finding the best examples at the level of games made to move your fingers quickly.

The titles that we recommend are various and We insist that you try at least three games in order to know the general preferences regarding this type of genre.. Meanwhile, what we will do is dive back into the Google app store to find more interesting content.

Rhythm Hive

The first on the list is one of the most popular games of this genre, although is intended for those who enjoy the songs of Korean or Japanese pop music groups. In fact, it has several titles that come from BTS, for example, and the backgrounds while playing are the members of these groups dancing. Direct link to the Play Store.

The note

Unlike the first, this game has an interface and a story of its own. In fact, it is one of the most interesting games in this compilation, and it is that, the mixture of genres that combines a graphic novel with game modes that allow you to test your sense of rhythm is something that is rarely seen in this genre of video games. Come on, it’s perfect for those people looking to go further. Direct link to the Play Store.

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Lost in Harmony

This title follows in the footsteps of the previous one and is a musical odyssey in which you will have to advance as far as possible to the rhythm of the music while facing countless enemies that vary depending on the scenery. It is a quite interesting game that has curious graphics that allow you to enjoy without any kind of impediment. Direct link to the Play Store.


Dynamix is ​​a free game whose sole objective is to make your fingers suffer. What you will have to do in this game is to press at the right moment, swipe for the right amount of time and never miss a beat as a huge amount of notes appear on the screen from any direction. Come on, it’s one of the most basic games in this collection and, honestly, that’s pretty good. Direct link to the Play Store.


What sets this game apart is that it comes with an anime-based aesthetic and, therefore, it’s perfect for those who love this type of content and genre. At the interface level, it is quite reminiscent of, for example, Guitar Hero only with the difference of various additions and effects that make it visually much more striking. Direct link to the Play Store.


This game can be described as crazy, because the notes appear all over the screen. Appearing in this way what happens is that when playing you have to be very attentive at all times. It is not a game for everyone as it can be frustrating for those who are not used to this type of title. Direct link to the Play Store.

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In BeatX what stands out mainly is its interface that is reminiscent of arcade machines and, therefore, allows anyone of a certain age to get used to the idea of ​​how the game works. In fact, To play you don’t need much and it is based on the repetition of different notes, which have to be pressed by the user so that the song that is playing is reproduced in the best possible way. Direct link to the Play Store.

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