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7 important questions before getting a tattoo

Increasingly increases the number of people who tattoo and with it also the risk to suffer infections and other skin problems.

In fact, the FDA saw a increase in reports of infections caused by the use of contaminated inks or by procedures inadequate.

Therefore, before getting a tattoo, you should make sure that the procedure is the Right. Make you these questions they will help you choose the Better option and weigh the alternatives you have to make it a safe process.

1. Are there reasons to be concerned about the sterilization of the material and the quality of the ink?

The answer is yes. We have to worry about both, since we could infectarnos if the procedure is unhygienic, the instruments they are not sterilized or because the ink is from doubtful origin.

In fact, they have increased complaints by cases of irritation of the skin. While there is no sure way to determine if the ink is polluted, the truth is that, when this happens, the FDA is in charge of warn to companies so that withdraw From the market.

2. Are home tattoo kits safe?

The kits sold online can be doubtful origin. Unlike the locals authorized for this, that they follow hygienic procedures and have knowledge about technique, los kits homemade could cause allergic reactions and other health problems.

It is important that you know if the inks used by the tattoo artist are of quality. Source: Pixabay

3. What reactions does it produce on the skin?

Tattoos can cause irritation that lasts a few days. But when they occur eruptions, redness and blisters, including fever, it could be a infection. In this case, the recommended treatment will be antibiotics that prescribes a doctor.

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4. What to do when adverse reactions arise?

First, go to the doctor, who will indicate the treatment that we must follow. Secondly, contact the tattoo artist to notify you about the reaction caused by the ink and he stops using it; and thirdly, report the event to the FDA.

5. Can tattoos be removed?

The answer is yes, although it is a process expensive And till painful that could leave sequels. That’s why it’s important think it over before getting a tattoo, because our skin could come out harmed.

He treatment most common for tattoo removal is through applications of To be. Apparently, this is the safest, since there are others that leave sequels.

6. What does the FDA know about inks?

The FDA compiles the information necessary to know and be aware of any procedure doubtful with the purpose of to protect to customers.

That is why it is important to report any irregularity so they can take action on the matter. In fact, they have determined that several of the compounds of some inks have been mixed with inks for toner and pigments used in the vehicle paint.

7. Should I get a tattoo?

This is one personal decision. Only you have to take into account the advantages and disadvantages to wear a brand that will be durable and that it will be difficult to remove.

So, before making any decisions, investigate and tours various sites, make sure it complies with all hygiene and safety regulations and make it a local authorized and the tattoo artist is certificate for such work.

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